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Many gamers are finally figuring out what their favorite genres are and why those genres feel right to them. You have people who exclusively play battle royales, MOBAs, and even real-time strategy games. But, to some, telltale games are superior. اضافة اعلان

The genre exploded in popularity thanks to the video game company Telltale Games, which unfortunately closed back in 2018. But the genre was not lost.

What telltale games consist of is narrative. So, what does that mean? Well, they had you, the player, make pretty much all the decisions in the game narratively, meaning you got to choose what your character said and did when interacting with other characters in the story, shifting the entirety of how the game progresses. This meant more involvement in the story, multiple endings, and an additional layer of replay ability for those who enjoyed the ride the first time around.

A key factor of these games is also how they are released. Unfortunately, players do not get the full story of the series with a one-time purchase; instead, they would have to invest in purchasing “episodes” that the developers would release. Unfortunately, this means you would have to keep purchasing these episodes to get the full story of the game you are playing. Still, thankfully, telltale games usually have a much lower price tag than their AAA counterparts.

So, knowing all that, let us delve into some great telltale titles we recommend you try.

The Walking Dead (Five episodes and a DLC)

A point-and-click horror adventure released way back in 2012 and thankfully readapted to contain all episodes in a single purchase in 2020, The Walking Dead telltale series took the world by storm. Content creators worldwide were all playing the title at the same time, partly because the Walking Dead series was immensely popular at the time.

But, before you assume that the game’s success was only because it was based on a popular TV show, you need to assess the immersion of the series. The Walking Dead telltale series throws you into a zombie-infested world in a way the show could never. Right off the bat, the game shows you that it is not here to mess around and is not following the typical tropes of a zombie-themed video game.

Character building and narrative are always at the forefront, with a heavy emphasis on emotional development to impact the player — you will find moments that will make you laugh, cry, and scream at your screen in frustration. The game will even have you doubting every decision you make. Unsurprisingly, this was one telltale game that really brought the genre into the limelight.

The Wolf Among Us (Five episodes)

Taking lovable fairy tales and adding a grim twist to them, The Wolf Among Us has you playing as Bigby Wolf (or the Big Bad Wolf), tasked with solving the gruesome murders of your fellow fairy tale acquaintances.

Upon its release, this game was a brutal breath of fresh air, taking something that most people have grown up with throughout their lives and upping the maturity to the next level.

And as you are working to uncover the mysteries of the murders and who could possibly be committing them, you quickly realize time is of the essence. Every decision you make in this game will impact the outcome severely, whether it is the specific choice you end up making or when you decide to make it, just know it will make a difference.

Put simply, you need to think on your toes, or you might not like the repercussions of your tardiness. And you will not be able to put it down until you have finally solved its mysteries.

Batman: The Telltale Series (Five episodes)

This franchise needs no introduction. Everyone knows who Batman is and what he does best, but this game allows you to know how he is.

Jokes aside, though, this telltale series does a phenomenal job at showing you more than just the typical jargon that most batman games tend to portray. This tale allows you to explore the fractured psyche of our beloved superhero, showing how severely the choices you are forced to make can impact Bruce Wayne’s life.

The game is a dark, thrilling, and intense dive into a story you might find familiar, but it will definitely catch you off-guard every chance it gets.

So, if you are looking to play some games where story is everything, or simply just want to change from the usual genre of games you’ve been indulging in, then maybe it is time to give this particular genre a chance.

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