A Christmas guide for gifting gamers

Christmas guide
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With Christmas right around the corner, we at Jordan News are certain many of you are frantically searching for the perfect gift to bring joy to that special someone. For those of you who are shopping for gamers, you might be having a difficult time figuring out what that special gift could be. This little guide might just help you out, or at least nudge you in the right direction with where to look, what to get, or how much it might cost you.اضافة اعلان

Low-budget gifts

Are you buying something for someone who’s trying to get into streaming or someone who has their own little space for gaming? Good LED strips can get their rooms looking closer to the ultimate gaming lair — they’re cheap, long lasting, and readily available in most stores around the country. Are they PC gamers? There’s a plethora of unique mouse pads in the market ranging in sizes and designs.

Maybe you’re looking for gifts that encompass a wider spectrum of needs. In that case, opting for multiple, smaller gifts is the way to go. You could go for some key chains from their favorite games. Places like Crazy Shop in Amman would be your go-to; they offer a wide variety of accessories. Another option would be to get straight to the point and purchase some digital game store cards, allowing the recipient to purchase a game they like that’s been conveniently gone on sale just in time for the holiday season.

At the end of the day there’s no need to stress out. Get your gamer a custom-made mug, pitcher, or glass with an etching of their favorite quote or videogame character. Businesses like Mlabbas and iTBA3Li are great for adding your own personal touch to the gift in mind.

Mid-budget gifts

With a little more spare cash, the gifting opportunity doors really start to open.
Is the person you’re shopping for big on collecting figurines? There’s a massive variety you can find in multiple stores, iGeek, Level Up, Crazy Shop, and Most Wanted are great places to look for some high-quality goodies.

While you’re browsing places like iGeek and Most Wanted, you’re bound to stumble upon their electronics sections as well. Here you’ll find things more catered to specific console gamers as well as the general accessories you might want to pick up.

Now, you have to be a bit careful purchasing things like mice and keyboards for PC players, as such things are extremely tied to personal preference. So, do your research and don’t go in blind! There is so much to choose from, ranging from JD30 and upwards to the hundreds. Always remember that the price tag does not always equate to the quality. When looking to make a purchase, try to find out what types of keys they like; linear “switches” are smooth and are usually preferred by gamers, unlike the tactile and “clicky” ones.

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But, if the person you’re shopping for is a multiplatform gamer, then it’s probably a safer bet to invest in some good quality headphones. Get those juicy 7.1 surround sounds for those who play on PC more, or some 5.1 systems for those who are known to jump from console to PC often. Since you’re already thinking about getting something for the more versatile gamer, then you should definitely think of investing in some multi-charging ports, allowing them to charge several of their rechargeable accessories at the same time.

High-budget gifts

If the sky’s the limit with your budget, congratulations! This will make your gift shopping quite simple. Has that special someone been eyeing the latest console? Go for it! Being obviously expensive and running upwards of JD650, a new console will definitely leave them speechless. Just make sure to get them a game as well. If you are shopping for more of a PC player, then consider searching for either the latest graphics cards or a high-end monitor.

Finally, if you want to add a more personal touch, a do-it-yourself mechanical keyboard would also be a great choice.

There is so much variety to what you can get, and although some price tags are a bit frightening, places like DNA offer great services which allow you to pay in installments with zero percent interest, and have the nifty “trade in” feature, which allows you to trade in older tech that will knock off a bit of that final cost.

At the end of the day, it isn’t the cost of the gift that makes it great. Whether you decide to spend a lot or give smaller gifts that have more of a personal touch, I’m sure the gamer in question will appreciate it. Just make sure you do your research, and don’t purchase things impulsively, and hopefully this guide for gifting gamers will help you in this merry season.

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