Lexus LX: Superlative SUV in every sense

The new LX launched in 2021, was specifically designed to give its occupants the highest levels of comfort and enrich their experiences in various lifestyles. (Photos: Lexus Media)
Committed to innovation since its founding in 1989, Lexus continues its efforts to tackle the challenges associated with providing the latest technology and high value to its customers. Its comfortable and high-performance driving experiences allow it to withstand all types of terrain and roads around the world, and Lexus has succeeded in keeping up with these high standards by elevating the basic concepts of the LX Top SUV model "reliability", "endurance", and "high performance in driving off-road".اضافة اعلان

By the end of August 2021, the LX, Lexus's Flagship Model, had achieved total sales of nearly 500,000 units in more than 50 countries and regions worldwide.

The new LX, launched this year, was specifically designed to give its occupants the highest levels of comfort and enrich their experiences in various lifestyles. The car maintains the basic structure of this model to ensure the best levels of reliability, endurance, and high performance while driving and renewing its main characteristics by adopting the GA-F platform. The new engineering reduces the car's weight by about 200kg, and the construction of its strong chassis was developed based on the latest digital technologies.

(Photos: Lexus Media)

The all-new Lexus LX retains the 2,850mm wheelbase design that has been used over the car's previous generations.  This ensures the highest performance levels in rough terrain and increases the cabin space.  The Lexus LX stands out in excellent proportions as a complete off-road vehicle.

The new LX versions have their personalized character, including the VIP category, which is unique in its design, with four independent seats to provide the best safe riding experiences on all types of roads, and the F Sport class allows customers to enjoy sporty on-road driving modes.

The car's design embodies the relentless quest to combine elegant looks with sporty performance (a design vision that began with the NX) and delivers a perfect fit through the blend of refinement, power, and presence befitting a flagship sports utility vehicle.  Other technologies for the car include the first push-button starter that uses Lexus' fingerprint authentication system, which reduces the risk of theft.

To enhance the levels of safety and comfort in off-road driving experiences, the car was equipped with a dashboard that includes the first double-display panel from Lexus, and it consists of two display screens, one of which is 12.3 inches and the second is 7 inches at the bottom of the instrument panel, in addition to the underfloor rearview feature, the first of its kind in the world, which displays the area under the rear of the vehicle.

VIP class for a comfortable off-road driving experience

This category includes the addition of four VIP seats, focusing on increasing the rear seat space to ensure a comfortable seating experience.  The main objective of this class is to provide space for passengers to relax even when traveling long distances between cities or while driving off-road.

(Photos: Lexus Media)

Based on hull-neutral design concepts inspired by NASA models, the front passenger seat has been moved more forward with the ability to tilt up and back to ensure a clear front view, while the seat tilt angle can be controlled up to 48 degrees. 

The rear seat-mounted display folds down for a clearer forward view, enhances comfort, and provides a greater sense of space with a maximum legroom of 1,100 mm*1.  This sitting position can be activated by pressing the "Relax Mode" button on the rear control panel.  The footrest can also be deployed behind the front passenger seat to provide a stress-free position for the head and toe areas.

The exclusive VIP rear seats feature head and back bolsters and cushions that gently wrap around the head, hips, and lower body, ensuring high levels of stability against lateral acceleration forces and driving conditions around curves and turns.  Besides, the seatback cushions are designed to provide a secure seating position. At the same time, the use of soft urethane with superior vibration absorption technology helps effectively prevent unpleasant vibrations even when driving off-road.

Unremitting efforts have been made to provide a private and comfortable space to relax in the same conditions regardless of the situations and driving situations.  Standard comfort features include window-mounted sun visors*2, side window blinds, reading lights, and rear-seat screens. 

(Photos: Lexus Media)

Exclusive air conditioning vents in the roof, in the VIP category, help distribute the air conditioning in a way that simulates the flow of water from the top, ensuring passengers a more comfortable seating experience in the rear seats.  In addition, air vents have been added at the sides of the back seat's exclusive center console base, ensuring that a warm air curtain is circulated when needed to enhance occupant comfort.

Attention has been paid to the design of the rear control panel, which guarantees central control of the various functions and equipment of the rear seats, and the surrounding areas while ensuring the ease of use of those functions and equipment when needed, down to the smallest details in terms of placement and shape. 

The rear console is angled to the palm rest, allowing easy access to and operation of the panel in any driving position.  The space for wireless charging of smartphones has also been reduced to prevent unnecessary operating situations and ensure clear visibility while sitting at a reclining position.  In addition, the cup holders are fitted with a resealable lid that is covered in a self-repairing, scratch-resistant coating, allowing it to be used as a note-taking platform.  The central platform provides ample storage space, power supply, USB port, and headphone jacks, which also provide functionality for various uses.


The new LX is available with a 3.5-liter, high-torque, twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine and is equipped with Electronic Brake Control (ECB) and Electronic Steering (EPS) to ensure customers get a unique driving experiences from Lexus on the road and rugged.

(Photos: Lexus Media)

These innovations, along with the adoption of two types of new engines, contribute to improving environmental performance standards, reducing annual carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent when the vehicle is used on a global cumulative basis compared to the previous model, and contributing to building a carbon-neutral environment.

Safety technologies

Lexus is at the forefront of developing safety technologies to achieve the mobility-centric community's main goal, which is to reduce traffic accidents — equipping the LX with the Lexus Safety System and from the brand's firm belief in the need to develop world-leading safety technologies and make them available in the largest number of cars as soon as possible.

The performance of the single-lens camera and millimeter-wave radar has been enhanced to extend the response range of pre-collision warning, which is designed to detect pedestrians day and night and cyclists daytime. The system also alerts the driver to avoid collisions with cars at intersections and pedestrians crossing the streets.  The new car also has an emergency steering assistance feature that helps the driver steer and keep the car in its lane and control acceleration at low speeds, which helps prevent accidents when traveling at low speeds.

The new car's lane-tracking system is equipped with artificial intelligence technologies to support lane-tracking functions and keep the car exactly in the center to increase the smoothness of the driving experience and provide steering assistance to the driver with flexibility and simplicity.

Dynamic radar cruise control with full tracking, which controls acceleration and deceleration to keep the distance with the next vehicle within the permissible speed limits on all roads, is supported on the Lexus LX by controlling the vehicle's speed on corners and proactively decelerating it in proportion to the bend diameter which you are approaching.

(Photos: Lexus Media)

The traffic sign assist system is equipped with a camera that collects information about traffic signals and displays it on the car's multi-information screen.

The adaptive BladeScan AHS high beam system has been used again in the new Lexus. LED lights illuminate blade-shaped mirrors that rotate at high speed, transmitting light to a lens that illuminates the way in front of the vehicle. 

Although the light appears to be static, this system precisely controls the distribution of light by synchronizing the cycles of the mirrors and turning the headlights on and off.  BladeScanTM AHS outperforms the traditional adaptive high beam system by extending the effectiveness of the high beams to allow the driver to see pedestrians and traffic lights without obstructing the vision of drivers in the opposite direction.

The LX is the top model of the Lexus family of SUV.

Imposing design, Modern lavish interior, better performance & fuel economy.

The lack of V8.


Full size luxury SUV.

6 cylinder 3.5 Twin turbo VVT with Direct Injection.

10 speed Automatic Transmission four wheel drive.

Horse Power: 415 hp / Torque: 650NM

 Km/h: 210
 0 to 100km/h : 11.5 Seconds 

Combined: 14.5/100km

Length 5085mm
Width 1990mm
Height 1885mm
Wheelbase 2855mm
Curb weight 3280kg

Available upon order

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