A quick guide to purchasing classics

A photo collection of classic cars in Jordan. (Photos: Pinin Farina)
If you are a car fan and wish to join the exclusive club of classic car collectors, let us offers you a guide to buying and owning an “antique on wheels”.اضافة اعلان

Classic cars have their own splendor, as they are considered as works of art that endure and reflect the beauty of the past, reminding owners of their youth and its memories, in addition to being a serious investment for the collector’s money if they decide to buy them as assets that get more valuable over time.

Classic car prices vary according to their age, brand, origin, and rarity, as prices may start from a few thousand dollars to millions, so you must consider your budget before all else.

The budget issue also includes the cost of repairing and renovating the car, as you cannot buy a classic car without making the necessary repairs to make it “shine” again.

It should be noted that the cost of renovation may exceed the cost of purchasing the car itself, depending on the availability of original spare parts, the percentage of rust in the car body, and whether the car needs rebuilding and renewing.

A photo collection of classic cars in Jordan. (Photos: Pinin Farina)

In Jordan, the Royal Automobile Museum is the body responsible exclusively for handling classic cars, starting from the approval of the import of classic cars. A citizen or resident who wishes to bring in a classic car from abroad must pay the Royal Car Museum a visit and apply.

The classics cars committee at the museum in turn reviews the application, issues a decision to grant entry to the car, and assesses its price. Classic cars that are brought into Jordan are subject to a tax of 9 percent after their price is estimated at the Royal Automobile Museum.

Upon estimating the value required to be paid at customs, the committee reviews the car’s price on three internationally accredited websites and makes sure that the car is allowed to be imported.

It is worth mentioning that the museum receives import transactions for classic cars on Mondays and Wednesdays.

After that, the customs department transfers the approved car file to the Traffic Department to obtain approval after ensuring that the vehicle is ready and conforms to the conditions.

Finding the right classic

But before all the local red tape, the purchaser must find a car that fits their taste, and more importantly, their financial capabilities, which requires an intensive web search. The availability of classic cars depends on their rarity and availability. You might be able to buy a classic Volkswagen Beetle from the 50's to the early 70's because it was widely present in many countries of the world, but other models such as the Ford Model T are difficult to find.
Therefore, you should search used car websites in different countries or attend online live used car events and auctions to search for the car you want to buy.

A photo collection of classic cars in Jordan. (Photos: Pinin Farina)

Renovation and repair

Maintaining the look and condition of the car raises its commercial value, but it is necessary to search for repair and renovation specialists who have certain skills and use specific methods.

The biggest obstacle that you may face as you shop for or renovate classics is finding spare parts. Given the age of these cars, spare parts are rarely available due to end of production. However, there are many ways to find spare parts, including other cars that can be used as donating bodies, or factories specialized in the manufacture of classic car parts in both the UK and the United States, or manufactured individually by specialized workshops.
It must be noted that the use of original car parts increases the vehicle’s value significantly compared to the use of newly manufactured parts or manufactured individually.

Participation in events

Participating in classic car events gives you the opportunity to communicate with other owners and discuss ways to repair your cars and learn more about it. Additionally, its appearance in these events increases its market value.

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