Moccasin collides style with comfort

(Photo: Handout from Moccasin)
AMMAN — Designer and architect Tasneem Sarayra, 29, found her passion for shoemaking after losing a pair gifted to her by her mother for graduation. Since then, she founded Moccasin, a shoe brand named after leather flats tribespeople used to wear.  اضافة اعلان

“I lost the shoe when we were moving out from our house,” Sarayra told Jordan News. “The pair was so meaningful to me as it is a gift from my father to my mother and from my mother to me.”

(Photo: Handout from Moccasin)

Despite studying architectural engineering at the Jordan University of Science and Technology, Sarayra continued to pursue her shoemaking passions and was awarded a scholarship to hone her skills in shoe design.

While she received her family’s full support, she still faced scores of skeptics who believed that there is no future for a shoemaking industry in Jordan.

(Photo: Handout from Moccasin)

“But the thing is,” said Sarayra. “There was a huge shoemaking industry in Amman, especially in the 50s. But now it went down, and we should find a way to make that industry work again.”

The shoemaking process starts simple. Sarayra’s clients explain to her their desired shoe design so that she can retrieve the right templates and materials. Options range from square-shaped to round-shaped and pointed shoes. Sarayra then schedules meetings with her clients to take measurements and finalize each design.

(Photo: Handout from Moccasin)

“What is good about tailoring a shoe is that some feet sizes aren’t standard, where they can be short but wide. Therefore, when the shoe is tailored, it will be much more comfortable,” she said.

And for maximized comfort, Moccasin uses orthopedic insoles and genuine leather.

“Real leather takes the shape of the feet, and it is also really comfortable. Synthetic leather can cause odor,” she said.

According to Sarayra, members of the newer generation rarely ask for “real leather” amid heightened concern for animal welfare. On the other hand, older women insist on wearing genuine leather.

Moccasin’s shoe prices are close to those of medical shoes, she added.

(Photo: Handout from Moccasin)

“It is rare for medical shoes to be trendy, but that’s not the case in Moccasin, where our shoes are super comfortable but also very trendy.”

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