Jordanian designer Laith Maalouf showcases latest collection ‘Bloom’ in Rome

Jordanian designer Laith Maalouf showcases latest collection ‘Bloom’ in Rome
(Photos: handouts Laith Maalouf)
Laith Maalouf, a Jordanian based designer took his fashion international when he was asked to represent the Kingdom at the tenth edition of the International Couture fashion event entitled “Mediterranean Sunset” at MAXXI Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome on July 10.اضافة اعلان

According to his website, Maalouf showed inclination towards art and sketching in his early years, which, in return, gave him a sense of clarity for his career. Working with international designers, put him on the international map, with his long list of clienteles, which has included Her Majesty Queen Noor, Moroccan artist Samira Said, Jordanian actress Saba Mubarak, and others.

In an interview with Jordan News, Maalouf said “the event holds a special place in my heart…as the enchanting experience that unfolded within the magnificent walls of the MAXXI Museum, and architectural marvel, envisioned by the brilliant Zaha Hadid.”

‘Bloom’Meanwhile, he added that participating on the international level at Rome Fashion week was a dream come true, pointing out the venue, which added an extra layer of creativity, and provided for essence of the event. “With each step, I felt a sense of awe and inspiration, knowing that I was about to unveil my latest collection, aptly named ‘Bloom’”.

Celebrating cactus flowersHis latest collection Bloom takes inspiration from nature and celebrate the cactus flowers, something he describes as a remarkable journey. They served as guidance for the theme of his collection.

“Drawing inspiration from the interplay of these contrasts, I sought to create pieces that would resonate with the resilience and beauty found in the natural world.”

He added “In crafting Bloom, I carefully curated a diverse selection of fabrics, each chosen for its ability to capture the essence of this unique concept.”

Describing the fabrics used in his designs such as “taffeta, velvet, jacquard, and silk”, he said that these fabrics which he believes created a symphony of texture, handwork, crystal stones, which, in turn, added an ethereal elegance.

“As I worked diligently, the dresses began to take shape, their silhouettes mirroring the graceful curves of cacti and the intricate beauty of their flowers,” he said.

Beyond borders
When it comes to where he designs are meant to take place, he said “I set my sights on taking Bloom beyond borders, envisioning it gracing runways across the globe.” He hopes to put the rich heritage of the Arab world on the map, while celebrating the universal language of fashion.

Pushing the boundaries of creativity
As far as future plans, Maalouf is looking to the future of being able to continue to showcase his designs worldwide, paying an homage to the journey, “The journey to international recognition is not without its challenges, yet each step reaffirms my passion and determination. The encouragement received from my well-wishers, the support of my loved ones, and the recognition of my work motivate me to strive harder, pushing the boundaries of creativity.”

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