Let’s seize it: a better world with Biden in office

Khalid Dalal
Khalid Dalal (Photo: Jordan News)
After 100 days of Joe Biden’s presidency, in line with the old US tradition since President Franklin Roosevelt, his performance has been judged. Things look good, and so do public approval figures.اضافة اعلان

The leader acted very wisely when he, for example, approached the coronavirus pandemic with a policy of underpromising, overdelivering. This was considered by some observers as the perfect formula of his early success and strong start.

He rolled out a $1.8 trillion plan to boost social welfare and support households most hit by COVID-19. The plan is expected to lift millions of Americans from poverty and earn the 46th president unprecedented popularity.

Biden was also swift to take decisions and undo controversial measures and policies taken by his predecessor, Donald Trump. The US under the new democratic leader, for example, rejoined the Paris Agreement on climate change, and the World Health Organization, which sent a wave of relief across the world.

Another decision of a domestic/foreign impact was the rescinding of Trump’s Muslim ban. Biden’s move is prone to ease Islamophobia, and pave for better relations with the Muslim world.

In fact, the US leader has been working on reshaping and fixing the image of his country on various fronts, including dealing firmly with Russia and China.

Despite lingering differences, the Vienna talks on Iran’s nuclear program are progressing, and the US decision to withdraw from Afghanistan has been welcomed by peace-loving countries, and many of the US’ allies.

Meanwhile, Washington is throwing its weight behind a peaceful solution that would end the misery of the Yemeni people. The Biden administration has taken a series of moves and policy shifts towards that end, including designating a special envoy to Yemen to support efforts to end the war there.

The US has also supported the recent positive developments in Libya, namely the endorsement of a national government, leading to hopefully a more stable and prosperous Libya in the near future.

Despite a degree of uncertainty about Syria, experts predict that Biden will move there with a more assertive approach, protecting American interests and those of his allies in Europe and the Middle East.

Although we are expecting a lot more regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, especially moving strongly with the two-state solution negotiations, Washington took a commendable decision to resume aid to UNRWA to help mitigate the harsh living conditions of Palestinian refugees in areas where the relief agency is operating.

All these examples and others lead to one fact: A wise and firm US president is exactly what Jordan and the world have been waiting for after four bad years of Trump’s rule on almost all fronts.

It is undisputable that the wisdom characterizing the performance and political thought in Amman and Washington will mark their relationship and joint action towards a better life for the people, not only Jordanians, but also all in the region that are craving peace, stability and, consequently, prosperity and security.

There will be better bilateral communication, and Jordan’s voice will be heard more, as it had been for decades before Trump, at the White House, Capitol Hill, and other US influential circles.

Biden has recently said His Majesty King Abdullah “has a friend in America”. This is where we should start, and move strategically, and most importantly proactively, to protect our national interests, bearing in mind that a key pillar in Biden’s foreign policy is that the US is mending the fences damaged by Trump with many of its traditional allies, Europe and Canada for instance. This would give an added leverage to Jordan, given its strong ties with the major decision-making capitals of the world, especially in Europe.

Let’s take advantage of this new, auspicious US dynamic.

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