Celebrating Independence Day

Rula Samain2
Rula Samain (Photo: Jordan News)
Every time I discuss Independence Day, I get a rush of pride that stems from the many accomplishments of our nation, especially in aiding humanity in our region. It’s the kind of pride that does not reflect arrogance, but a passion that should not be limited and should be encouraged, since it has a positive effect and influence on the one nation.اضافة اعلان

Independence Day symbolizes the triumph of reason over chaotic seasons and the will to be free. Mostly, however, it is the desire to prosper, make a distinguished name for oneself, and live forever. The occasion also echoes freedom, liberation, and empowerment. It signifies dignity.

Independence Day is indeed a story of love. It is a love that brings people together, joined by common aims, and with a desire to serve the common good. It is the reason behind why, since day one of the establishment of Transjordan, free and strong-willed men from the Arab world gathered around and under the leadership of the founding King Abdullah I. They included Muslims, Christians, Druze, Syrians, Iraqis, Mauritanians, Lebanese, Hijazis, Circassians, Chechens, and others. Such coexistence has led to the formation of our current culture, where Muslims and Christians now share the same sets of values, norms, traditions, aspirations, and challenges.

It is important to keep reminding ourselves that Jordan has successfully taken the global lead to bring the followers of the different religions closer amid a tide of division, sedition, violence, hatred, and sectarianism. It has successfully turned a challenge into opportunity.

 We have not reached this far without the will and the many sacrifices of Jordanians, and the wise leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah and the late King Hussein.

It’s important to not overlook the country’s challenges while discussing the country you love. They are too many of them, a matter that demands our clear attention. There is a long way to go in our fight against things like poverty, ignorance, unemployment, along with the various forms of corruption and favoritism.  Now is the time to discuss such issues, as we know that ignorance is a threat to any healthy society.

Why should we celebrate our Independence Day differently this year! Now is the time for new and fresh patriotism, with profound pride in the numerous achievements and sacrifices of our ancestors, and the many achievements of the current generations — a patriotism fueled by determination, a sense of belonging, and the knowledge that our nation is paving a path for future generations.

Our home is our number one priority. Jordan is ours. Happy Independence Day.

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