7 conclusions on Israel

Maher Abu Tair
Maher Abu Tair (Photo: Jordan News)
The repercussions of what is happening in the occupied Palestinian territories pose a serious threat to the occupation itself. If experts were studying the matter in Israel, they would reach conclusions that may never be overcome after all these years.اضافة اعلان

After 73 years and ahead of the anniversary of the establishment of the occupation’s state, these conclusions resurface in a different form. The outrage that began in Al-Aqsa Mosque and extended across all of Palestine has had far more of an impact than military confrontation in the occupied Palestinian territories. There are different outcomes, visible to all, without exception, including Israel’s experts and analysts who are now in a state of shock.

The first of these conclusions are that Al-Aqsa Mosque is a red line, which cannot be violated no matter how much Israel tries. The mosque cannot be harmed, invaded, or controlled. The popular national front in Palestine has proven that any false state of inaction is bound to collapse when the mosque comes into question, which means that Israel must leave the mosque be.

The second conclusion is that Israel’s presence has not been accepted, neither in the region nor in Palestine. Despite all the oppression, killing, evictions, attempts to divide Palestinians into factions or overcrowd them in Gaza and the West Bank and granting the people temporary residencies in Jerusalem, the Palestinian spirit remains united. The imaginary divides that have been manufactured over the course of the previous decades fell apart, proving that the people stand as one.

Third, killing and military force cannot change the reality. For 70 years, Israel has been killing, evicting, and imprisoning Palestinians but nothing has changed. The Israelis have only gained a temporary and fragile security. The torturing of one generation only strengthens another, which then finds new ways to stand against Israel — extending its ordeal. Any attempts to work around the root of the occupation’s issue with temporary solutions has failed to stabilize its presence in Palestine.

Fourth, the appeal of the Israeli project is rapidly falling apart, because even if the Israelis did not sustain direct damages under the ongoing circumstances, they would still be forced to question their reasons for putting up with ongoing instability. They would also question whether they had to continue fighting against Palestine’s rejection of Israel, various threats and the collapse of a state, which no matter how strong cannot fully protect itself. These factors combined are bound to reduce the willingness of Israeli households and individuals to remain.

Fifth, Israel itself will encounter an internal struggle, one involving the religious and secular portions of the population, as well as the ordeal of forming a government. Ongoing circumstances will only add to existing complications, as Netanyahu and his defense minister attempt to drown each other using the current outburst and a military failure that will bring to light a number of issues whose repercussions we shall see in Israel once this wave of clashes settles. The occupation’s officials will soon also have to pay a price for their failure.

The sixth conclusion relates to Palestine’s neighbors who have rejected Israel and are waiting for the right time to avenge its policies and practices against the Palestinians, and the region as a whole. One would have to wonder how the occupation feels in the face of such outrage from Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon among other countries, and whether it can sustain itself amid such opposition.

The seventh conclusion is that the project of a Jewish state may see higher demand now, but religious and ethnic cleansing projects are now impossible to see through. Israel, today, is paying the price of the Palestinians’ demographic stability across the occupied territories. This stability is permanent and has tools to counter the occupation. It cannot be weakened nor broken nor expelled.

The above conclusions, among others, indicate that Israel will not survive.

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