Putin holds talks to establish free zones with Iran, UAE, and Egypt

1. Putin
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AMMAN — President Vladimir Putin addressed the plenary session of the Eurasian Economic Forum, discussing various economic aspects of the Eurasian region and highlighting the main challenges and opportunities it faces.

The forum, themed "Eurasian Integration in a Multipolar World," underscored the Russian president's emphasis on unity in the current global circumstances.

The participation in the Eurasian Economic Forum signifies Eurasian Union in today's world.

Putin pointed out that the international arena is undergoing profound and fundamental changes, with numerous countries striving to strengthen their sovereignty.

Key statements by President Putin include:

  • The participation in the Eurasian Economic Forum reflects the significance of the Eurasian Union in today's world.
  • We are witnessing profound and fundamental changes in the international arena, with many countries seeking to strengthen their sovereignty.
  • All participating countries in the Eurasian Union seek balanced relations based on the principle of mutual interests.
  • We welcome anyone who wishes to engage with us based on pragmatism and mutual interests.
  • The West is attempting to pressure the Eurasian Union countries through threats and intimidation to prevent cooperation with Russia. However, we fulfill all our agreements and commitments.
  • We remind who is responsible for the crises in Europe, the explosion of the "Northern Stream," and the lack of activation of the "Nord Stream 2" project.
  • The construction of the North-South railway will contribute to the development of trade in this direction, enabling the transit of 30 million tons of goods annually. It will enhance traditional trade routes and help establish industrial and commercial centers along this route.
  • Russia has taken steps to reduce financial dealings with unfriendly countries and enhance cooperation with friendly nations by transitioning to transactions in national currencies.
  • Many countries are moving towards using national currencies, such as India and China, which reduces the threat of financial reserve vulnerabilities and enhances non-biased economic work.
  • Eurasian insurance companies will assist in providing insurance coverage in the Eurasian space and other countries. There will be a vast arena for exchanging experiences in business environments.
  • We have all the expertise and resources to maintain competitiveness at the global level and preserve technological and economic independence.
  • Today, we are closely cooperating with China, and the "One Belt, One Road" initiative will facilitate dealings with countries close to the Eurasian region, whether in the East, Africa, or Latin America, which serve as the engine for the global economy through the emergence of transportation routes.
  • Talks are underway to establish free zones with Iran, the UAE, Egypt, and Serbia.
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The forum coincides with the meeting of the highest economic council of the Eurasian Union, attended by leaders of member states (Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan) and observer countries.

Discussions at the forum will encompass project implementation, international activities of the Union, and the expansion of trade and economic links. President Putin will also conduct a series of individual meetings with leaders of member states of the Eurasian Economic Union and invited countries attending the summit.

The Eurasian Economic Union was established in early 2015, building upon the existing customs union between Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Armenia and Kyrgyzstan joined later that year.

The Union agreements guarantee freedom of movement for goods, services, capital, and labor among member states and pursue a coordinated policy in trade, energy, industry, agriculture, and transportation.

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