Gold concentrations reach 30g per tonne in the south — ministry

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AMMAN — Remote sensing studies carried out by the Turkish company Solvest estimates gold concentrations in the Wadi Abu Khushaiba area, in the south of the Kingdom, to range from 0.1 grams per tonne to 30 grams per tonne in areas of its mineralization, the Jordan News Agency Petra, reported.

According to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, commercial reserves of gold may reach up to 60,000 ounces (about 1.7 tonnes), which is economically feasible. It added that there is the possibility of doubling this figure several times by expanding the mining area.

Wadi Abu Khushaiba is located 90km northeast of Aqaba, 4km east of the Dead Sea Road to Aqaba, in the Wadi Araba region.

The rocks in the area extend toward the northeast and continue through a belt that is 2–4km wide and more than 70km long.

The director of the natural resources projects, Bahjat Al-Adwan, said that if the feasibility of the project is proven, the company will, at the end of the two memoranda of understanding, hand over a preliminary economic feasibility study for the two projects to exploit copper and gold in the areas allotted to it. The government has a partnership agreement with the company that must be approved through a special law.

Adwan said that the best indicator in acidic volcanic rocks was in the Abu Khushaiba Valley, where the concentration of gold reached 40 grams per tonne from heavy metals collected from the valley deposits.

Previously, the ministry said that geochemical studies revealed indicators of gold mineral in the northern edge of the Arab-Nubian Shield in southern Jordan.

The areas of Al-Hawr and Wadi Sabra, southeast of Wadi Abu Khushaiba, are characterized by relatively high rates of gold indicators; a semi-detailed geochemical survey was conducted in the two areas recently.

Gold is used in the manufacture of electronics, superconductors, and in jewelry. The ministry had launched a platform to facilitate investments in mineral exploration, as part of the second batch of government accelerators.

The ministry had identified 12 national ores for the purposes of exploration, mining and commercial exploitation in the extractive and manufacturing industries, including gold. اضافة اعلان



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