Organic, local skincare products blossom with vivid colors

Blossom beauty
(Photos: Handouts from Blossom Beauty)
Skincare is the essence of clear and healthy skin, a fact that has not shied away from social media trends. Blossom Beauty is a local, online skincare brand passionate about organic and natural ingredients in line with this self-care-inspired boom.اضافة اعلان

Founded by Insaf Lutfi in 2020, Blossom Beauty’s concept for the business was to value and nourish the skin as it is the largest organ in the human body, said the founder. Skin, according to Lutfi, can reflect both physical and mental health, and taking care of it should be enjoyable.

The spike in organic-product demand, due to the belief that it is the best, was noted by Lutfi. “Since natural products come from the earth … when used properly, they benefit people because they offer several benefits,” she said.

But what stood out to her was the minimalist presentation and abundance of white products, especially among organic skin care. This sparked her creativity and passion for creating something different. “Creativity is created when work and passion meet together,” Lutfi said.

Blossom Beauty stands out from other organic skincare brands because of its vibrant colors that make them more “lively” and “fresh”, said Lutfi. And not only are the products organic, but they are also handmade.

Shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, and vitamin E are used in a variety of ways to make the products. Aloe Vera extract is also sometimes used, according to Lutfi. “All used materials and ingredients contain beneficial vitamins.”

Lutfi’s knowledge of skincare developed as her interest in the activity grew since she was in school. Through research and training courses, Lutfi was able to study the impacts of certain products and ingredients on the skin. She launched Blossom Beauty as a passion project.

“Each product comes with details, where you will notice that each ingredient is used properly, follow guidelines, and is measured accurately. This is due to the manufacturing process going well.”

According to the founder, skin care is a routine best practiced at home and can be done daily without having to visit any spa or beauty center. Since it is the area most exposed to the sun, heat, and cold, she emphasized the importance of keeping up with it and taking care of it.

“To get the best results, skin care must be practiced consistently,” she said.

“Moisturizing on a daily basis is one of the most important things,” Lutfi said. Blossom Beauty’s body butter contains oils that maintain body moisture and enter the skin’s inner layers, allowing it to soak into it more thoroughly. It contains glycerin, which retains moisture. The texture of the butter is thick and rich, and Lutfi recommends using it to moisturize twice a day.

Blossom Beauty offers a selection of natural skincare products, including body butter, body scrub, body mist, shower gel, lip gloss, lip balm, and natural wax melts.

While many competitors and comparable small businesses are present in Jordan, Lutfi believes each business has its unique story. “For me, the work is branded through providing an experience to my customers. I always receive positive feedback on the colors and aromas of the products and how they are so effective,” she said.

“I always strive to maintain my existing clients,” she said, adding that she also wished to develop the business and create new products.

The local brand has reached various governorates and cities around Jordan, and the founder seeks to expand her small business outside Jordan.

The products are produced, marketed, and sold on social media, and Lutfi is responsible for the advertising process.

“I urge everyone to follow their intuition, listen to their inner voice,” she advised. “Despite the challenges, it can grow into a successful business one day.”

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