WCK calls for Arab alliance to aid Gaza's hunger crisis

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AMMAN — The World Central Kitchen (WCK) has called for the formation of an alliance among Arab countries to join Jordan, the UAE, and the organization in efforts to deliver humanitarian food aid to the Gaza Strip. This region is currently facing a dire hunger crisis, with nearly half of its population suffering from "catastrophic" hunger.اضافة اعلان

In a statement, the American non-governmental organization explained that the call for the alliance aims to immediately deliver humanitarian food aid to Gaza through all available means, including land, air, and sea routes, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.

The organization, which has provided more than 40 million meals, highlighted its collaboration with Jordan in providing food supplies destined for Gaza through land convoys. Additionally, it participated in airlift operations conducted by the Royal Air Force.

For instance, on March 7, World Central Kitchen announced its participation in an airlift operation for humanitarian aid in northern Gaza, in partnership with the Royal Air Force. They provided 52,700 meals, totaling 15 tonnes of aid.

King Abdullah II praised the organization, stating that they have delivered over 40 million meals to Gaza, where residents face the threat of famine. He added, "We are proud of our partnership with you and commend your exceptional efforts."

It stated the organization expressed its readiness to send tons of food supplies weekly to Gaza with support from the international community.

On March 15, the Spanish ship "Open Arms," belonging to a non-governmental organization, arrived carrying a cargo ship loaded with 200 tonnes of food supplies provided by World Central Kitchen to Gaza after a three-day journey from Larnaca.

The "Open Arms" cargo was unloaded at a temporary dock set up by World Central Kitchen southwest of Gaza City, and 12 trucks were tasked with distributing the aid in the northern part of the strip.

The Israeli occupation forces inspect aid shipments before sending them from the port of Larnaca.

The organization added that the kitchen and the UAE have finished loading 240 tons of food onto the "Jennifer" ship at the port of Larnaca, as part of the "Ship" operation, preparing to depart for Gaza.

The "Jennifer" ship's cargo includes canned food such as beans, carrots, canned tuna, hummus, corn, cooked rice, flour, oil, and salt, as well as a special load of 120 kg of fresh dates from the UAE.

The organization has sent over 40 million meals and more than 1,600 trucks to Gaza and has opened more than 60 community kitchens throughout Gaza, which has been under Israeli war for over 170 days.

Half of Gaza's population is suffering from "catastrophic" hunger, and famine is expected to hit the northern part of the strip "at any time" in the period extending until May without urgent intervention, according to a recent food security assessment published by UN agencies.

Famine is defined as widespread malnutrition and hunger-related deaths due to a lack of access to food. This translates to about 1.1 million Palestinians suffering from a "catastrophic absence of food security" due to the war between Israel and Hamas, according to the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC), which defines famine as "widespread malnutrition and hunger-related deaths due to a lack of access to food."

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