Recaptured escaped prisoner in poor health brother confirms

AMMAN — News spread on social media during the past few days that Zakaria Zubeidi, one of the six Palestinian prisoners who was recently recaptured after escaping Gilboa Prison, had entered the intensive care unit in an Israeli hospital Monday night.اضافة اعلان

However, occupation sources stressed that Zubeidi's health is fine and that he is not hospitalized.

The news sparked wide attention among social media users who used the hashtag #ZakariaUnderTorture to express their feelings of anger and sadness towards what is happening. Under the hashtag, were tens of thousands of tweets about Zubeidi.

Gabriel Zubeidi, Zakaria's brother, told Jordan News that his brother is subjected to physical torture that necessitated moving him to hospital three times in six days.

“Zakaria was tortured all over his body, his health condition is very dificult and we do not know what the coming days hold for him," Zubeidi said.

He confirmed that Zakaria was being interrogated by military investigators. “We have no information about his condition except what we got from his lawyer and some doctors that examined him while he was in hospital,” Zubeidi said.

After the news spread about Zakaria’s torture, the Israeli prison authorities issued a statement on Twitter denying that Zakaria was taken to the hospital.
For its part, the Palestinian Prisoners Club demanded, in a statement, to reveal Zakaria’s fate and that of his five companions who were recaptured.

Last week, mosques in Jenin announced that Zakaria Zubeidi was in serious condition. Later, local residents gathered in large numbers and headed towards the Jalameh checkpoint where they clashed with Israeli forces. Reports also indicated that explosives were thrown at occupation forces.

The Israeli Court in Nazareth last week held a hearing via Zoom for the four prisoners, Zakaria Al-Zubaidi, Mahmoud Al-Aarda, Yaqoub Qadri and Muhammad Al-Ardah, during which Zubaidi’s detention was extended by ten days.

It was expected that the detention of the remaining prisoners would be extended by 12 days.

The occupation court accused the prisoners of escaping from prison and preparing to carry out operations, in a measure aimed at adding prison time to their already long sentences.

On Sunday occupation forces announced the recapture of the remaining two escaped prisoners, 35-year-old Ayham Kamamji and 26-year-old Munadel Infeiat, both members of Islamic Jihad, an armed Palestinian Islamist movement.

It is worth mentioning that Zakaria Zubeidi is the former chief of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades in Jenin, a Palestinian militant coalition responsible for settler shootings and bombings against Israeli targets.

Zakaria is considered a symbol of the Intifada, and was on Israel's most-wanted list for several years. 

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