PA security accused of shooting Palestinian in Tul Karm

PA security accused of shooting Palestinian in Tul Karm
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OCCUPIED WEST BANK — A Palestinian youth was killed on Wednesday during a clash in Tul Karm in the West Bank that broke out after Palestinian security forces tried to remove barricades set up by gunmen, media outlets reported.اضافة اعلان

The clash followed months of Israeli military raids on West Bank areas where Palestinian gunmen have been increasingly active, in a challenge to the Palestinian Authority (PA).

Witnesses said PA security men came to Tul Karm to free up roads in the refugee camp, which gunmen had blocked as a precaution against Israeli incursions.

In the ensuing gunfight, a Palestinian man, described by locals as unaffiliated to the PA or armed groups, was shot dead.
The gunmen posted a video accusing the PA of his killing.

“We will not keep silent at this act, which aids the occupation forces in arresting and chasing the youths and those (on Israel’s) wanted list,” one of the gunmen said, as reported by Haaretz. Later the gunmen, belonging to the Tul Karm brigade, said they will not allow PA security to enter the camp.

The PA, contacted by Reuters, had no immediate response to the militants’ accusations.

Talal Dweikat, spokesperson for PA security services, said gunmen had opened fire at the Tulkarm governorate building, “prompting security forces to intervene, taking necessary measures to restore order.”

The killing was condemned by a number of Palestinian factions including Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others. A Palestinian activist Mustafa Barghouti, called for an inquiry. 

Hundreds of Palestinians, mostly fighters but many civilians as well, have been killed in Israeli raids since the latest wave of violence erupted in early 2022.

In the same period, dozens of Israelis have been killed in shootings, stabbings, or car-ramming attacks by Palestinians. Violence by Israeli settlers against Palestinians has also surged.

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