Mercenaries fight along Israeli army in Gaza – paper

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(Photo: @DiazPlacer, Twitter/X)
MADRID – El Mundo, Spain's second-largest daily newspaper, revealed on Friday that a Spanish mercenary is helping to fight Hamas in Gaza. "They pay very well, good equipment and quiet work," a self-described neo-Nazi Pedro Díaz Flores Corrales, was quoted as saying.اضافة اعلان

The paper published a photo of him at a border checkpoint close to the Gaza Strip.

The mercenary became famous when the Russians announced his death in Ukraine. Moscow said Corrales was accused of cutting off the fingers of dead soldiers.

The paper said he gets paid 3900 euros a week to fight in Gaza and that he was not hired directly by the Israeli army, but through a third party.

El Mundo said that this time he did not join the fight on humanitarian grounds, as he did when Russia invaded Ukraine, but on this occasion the interest was, above all, financial. Corrales, 27, said he received a call from a former comrade in arms, an old contact who had already left for Israel and who made him an offer that he could not refuse.

"He offered me a job, good conditions, and he told me that they were looking for people with a good military record," he said.

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