Israeli warplanes bomb Gaza after rocket fire

1. Israeli strike Gaza
Fire erupts following an Israeli airstrike south of Gaza City on June 18, 2022. (Photo: AFP)

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM  — Israeli warplanes conducted air attacks on the Gaza Strip early Saturday, causing heavy damage but no injuries, reported to the Palestinian news agency, Wafa.  اضافة اعلان

The Israeli military said the strikes were in retaliation to rocket fire from the Palestinian enclave, according to AFP.

“A short while ago, in response to the rocket attack, (Israeli military) aircraft struck a number of Hamas terror targets in the Gaza Strip,” Israeli forces claimed.

However, Palestinian media, carried by Al Jazeera, said the Israeli strikes fell on agricultural land in Gaza.

Wafa reported that the center of the Strip was hit by five Israeli missiles destroying the site. Two missiles were fired at the Malaka site, southeast of Gaza City, destroying it completely. Israel also fired two missiles at a location north of Beit Lahiya and another east of Beit Hanoun, north of the Gaza Strip, destroying them in total and causing damage to nearby homes.

After the strikes, balls of flame shot into the air, leaving dark smoke drifting over the Strip, according to AFP.

The strikes came after Hamas “launched a rocket... toward Israeli civilians in southern Israel”, Israel said, adding the projectile was intercepted by Israel’s air defenses.

Israeli forces also said hours earlier that air raid sirens sounded in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon and in areas near the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem said the air raids in the southeast of Gaza City “are an extension of the aggression against Palestinian territory in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank” after Israel killed three Palestinians on Friday.

The men were killed when Israeli forces opened fire on their vehicle, the Palestinian news agency Wafa said. Twelve Palestinians were also wounded in that same incident during an Israeli raid in Jenin.

One of the dead was a Hamas commander, the group said, vowing that the killings “will not go unpunished”.

Qassem made no mention of whether Saturday’s air strikes caused any casualties.

In April, Israeli warplanes also hit Gaza after Palestinian armed groups fired rockets from Gaza.

The impoverished Gaza coastal enclave of 2.3 million people has been under an Israeli blockade since 2007.

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