Israel targets Gaza’s essential supplies – gov’t office

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GAZA — The Israeli occupation forces are deliberately targeting essential living and livelihood supplies in an effort to worsen the catastrophic humanitarian situation faced by the residents of Gaza, as per the government office in the region.اضافة اعلان

According to the government office's statement, the Israeli occupation is intentionally bombarding commercial facilities, storage points, and food distribution centers to exacerbate the humanitarian crisis and deplete these supplies from the markets, Al-Mamlaka TV reported. This targeting has occurred in multiple regions.

24,000 acres of farmland destroyed
In addition to this, the occupation forces have bombarded thousands of acres of vegetable fields, preventing farmers from accessing them and causing destruction to over 24,000 acres of farmland, rendering them unsuitable for cultivation.

Furthermore, over 10 bakeries in Gaza have been targeted, including the most recent attack on the sole bakery in Maghazi, just after it received a quantity of flour from UNRWA to cover the needs of tens of thousands in the camp. The statement highlighted that Gaza has only received meager scraps of humanitarian aid that fail to meet any of the vital needs or essential requirements of its people.

The deliberate and knowledgeable targeting of these facilities and the prevention of their operational necessities, particularly fuel, strongly indicate that this occupation has made a decision to exterminate all of Gaza's residents. They are carrying out this plan through various means, whether by bombardment and destruction, starvation and blockade, or the prevention of medical and pharmaceutical supplies.

The international community and relevant organizations have been called upon to "shoulder their responsibilities" and put an end to this aggression swiftly. They must ensure the continuous provision of essential living and livelihood necessities, following the priorities established by humanitarian and service systems.

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