Iran prisons chief admits 'unacceptable behavior' at jail

prison wires
(Photo: Jordan News)
TEHRAN— Iran's prisons chief recognized on Tuesday that "unacceptable behavior" had taken place in the capital's Evin prison after videos allegedly obtained by hackers showing violence against detainees were published abroad.اضافة اعلان

"Regarding the images ... I take responsibility for this unacceptable behavior.

I pledge that such distressing incidents will not reoccur, and that those culpable will be treated severely," Mohammad-Mehdi Hajj-Mohammadi wrote in a Twitter message picked up by Iranian media.

On Sunday, Farsi-language media overseas published what they said were videos sent to them on behalf of a group of hackers calling themselves "Ali's Justice."

The footage, showing prison guards beating and mistreating detainees, was reportedly from surveillance cameras at Evin and obtained by hacking into the jail's computer system.

"I apologize to Almighty God, as well as to our dear guide (supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei), to (our) great nation and to the honorable prison guards whose efforts will not be discredited by these errors," wrote Hajj-Mohammadi, without saying what steps will be taken.

One image widely shared on social networks shows what is said to be a jail monitoring post, with screens showing the inscription "Cyberattack" and a message calling Evin a "shameful stain" and for "the release of political prisoners".

The ISNA news agency quoted the deputy head of the judicial authority, Mohammad Mossadegh Kahnamouy, as saying of the videos released by "Ali's Justice" that the case was being investigated but it was "not very clear".

Ali was the son-in-law and cousin of the Prophet Mohammed, and the first of the 12 imams revered under Shiite Islam, the country's state religion since the 16th century.

Iran regularly defends itself against reports by the UN or international rights groups criticizing its treatment of prison inmates.

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