Initial Israel ceasefire framework revealed, based on Paris meetings

(File photo: Jordan News)

PARIS – On Tuesday, Al-Ghad reported that informed sources provided the initial framework for a ceasefire and prisoner exchange between Hamas and the Israeli occupation, recently agreed upon by Israel in Paris.اضافة اعلان

The framework includes the following provisions:

  1. Release of prisoners:
    ● Approval for the release of 400 Palestinian prisoners, including some with high sentences.
    ● In exchange, Hamas will release 40 Israeli prisoners, including women and elderly captives.
  2. Gradual return of displaced persons:
    ● The Israeli occupation stipulates a gradual return of displaced individuals to the northern Gaza Strip, except for those of military service age.
  3. Increased aid and temporary housing:
    ● Based on Hamas’ request, increase in aid and the provision of temporary housing in the Gaza Strip.
    ● Facilitation of the entry of heavy machinery and equipment.
  4. Repositioning of forces and aerial surveillance:
    ● The Israeli occupation proposes repositioning its forces outside densely populated areas.
    ● Additionally, it commits to cease aerial surveillance for 8 hours daily.

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