ICC prosecutor says Gaza suffering unacceptable

International Criminal Court Prosecutor, Karim Khan
International Criminal Court Prosecutor, Karim Khan. (Screenshot: Twitter/X)
SINAI – On a visit to the Rafah crossing on Sunday, International Criminal Court Prosecutor, Karim Khan affirmed his commitment to the people of Gaza saying they deserve justice just like anyone else. اضافة اعلان

Khan said the situation in the occupied territories could not be ignored and called for Immediate action to be taken to end the catastrophic situation. 

He called on the unobstructed passage of relief supplies into the Gaza strip and said that the detention of civilians as hostages must be in accordance with international humanitarian law.

Khan also said he hoped to enter Gaza to assess the situation and was dismayed by his inability to enter the territory through the crossing.

At a later press conference in Cairo, Khan stated that Israel had violated international law in its war on the Gaza Strip and emphasized that any attack that affects civilians or civilian institutions must be addressed within the framework of the law. 

He pointed out that Israel is obligated to protect civilians during the war, confirming that any collapse of a school, church, mosque, or hospital is contrary to the law. 

Khan highlighted the importance of compliance with the law, whether for Israel or for the Hamas movement.

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