Golda Meir explored Palestinian state in 1970 - declassified documents

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JERUSALEM — Israeli media revealed on Tuesday, declassified documents that former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir explored the establishment of a Palestinian state in October 1970. Meir  this possibility with several ministers at the time, including Israeli Minister of Defense Moshe Dayan and Minister of Education Yigal Allon, Amad News reported.اضافة اعلان

According to the Israeli newspaper "Jerusalem Post," Meir reversed her previous statements from the previous year when she declared that "the Palestinians do not exist." During the meeting with her ministers transcribed in the documents, she stated, "It will be necessary to provide an opportunity for the Arabs of the West Bank to achieve self-determination at a later stage, when it suits us… that is, there will be another state alongside Israel."

“Whether as an independent state, linked in a confederal relationship with Israel or with Israel and Jordan together, or if they want it, even with Jordan alone, as part of a peace treaty,” she said.

Despite acknowledging the possibility of a future Palestinian state, Meir rejected the idea of Jerusalem being its capital.

Yihal Allon’s solution Yigal Allon, who did not deny the existence of the Palestinian people, disagreed with Golda Meir regarding the possibility of an additional Arab state alongside Israel. Instead, according to documents revealed by "Haaretz," he did not support the creation of a Palestinian state but rather endorsed a more comprehensive peace treaty that would allow for the discussion of various options later on.

He compared the potential Israeli announcement of Palestinian rights to the "Balfour Declaration" in 1917, where the British supported the establishment of a Jewish state, considering that Israel may do the same.

Names and identities Another question was how to identify this state, as they had much trouble with the name Palestine which they have wanted to deny, Minister Without Portfolio Yisrael Galili went so far as to say, “If you ask me, I’d like the name Palestine to die.”

Allon replied, “If they see themselves as Palestinians, we can say a thousand times that they’re not Palestinians, but they nevertheless will be.”

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