Factions in Israel join US to prevent Rafah operation– Netanyahu

Gaza Rafah
(File photo: Jordan News)
TEL AVIV— Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that there are factions within Israel that have joined the US to prevent a military operation in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.اضافة اعلان

Netanyahu criticized member of the Israeli Security Cabinet Benny Gantz, who traveled to the US without coordinating with the Israeli Prime Minister's Office, insisting that Gantz should have known ‘how to say no to the Americans’ as he does, Khaberni reported.

He also criticized the promotion of his government's policy in the US, saying that he is surrounded by people who do not know ‘how to string words together in English.’

Regarding the post-war phase in Gaza, Netanyahu said that the entire Palestinian leadership wants to liquidate Zionism, so there must be leadership in Gaza whose goal is not this.

As for the ongoing negotiations in Doha regarding a prisoner exchange deal and a ceasefire, the Israeli Prime Minister stated that the negotiations must be tough, and Hamas cannot be given everything it wants from the start.

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