Dubai Airport back to full capacity after floods

Dubai Airport back to full capacity after floods
Dubai - Dubai International Airport, one of the world's largest air transport hubs, returned to full operational capacity on Saturday after disruptions caused by massive floods that swamped the United Arab Emirates in the past days, airline officials said.اضافة اعلان

Emirates Airlines announced that all its regular flights have returned to normal as of this morning and Flydubai also said all its scheduled flights are in operation.

Emirates Airlines President Tim Clark said all the carrier's flights will return to normal starting Saturday, adding that passengers who were in the transit area at the airport were heading to their destinations.

Clark said that last week was one of the most difficult times for Emirates Airlines, as the carrier had to cancel about 400 flights and postpone many more during the three days that followed the storm, and teams were working to deliver 30,000 pieces of luggage to owners.

He said priorities were focused on two main areas, caring for customers whose travel plans were affected and restoring operations to normal.

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