Death tolls rises, residents flee West Bank clashes

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AMMAN — The Palestinian death toll in Israel's most extensive West Bank operation in years rose to ten early Tuesday, with reports emerging of residents fleeing their homes in the Jenin refugee camp, fearing clashes with security forces.اضافة اعلان

The Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed the tenth Palestinian death as the body of a man hit by Israeli fire was found near Jenin, according to media reports.

Conflicting reports
Footage circulating on social media showed people abandoning their homes amidst Israeli raids, but there were conflicting reports on Monday night regarding whether Israel had demanded the camp's residents to leave. 

Palestinian sources accused Israel of threatening residents and ordering them to evacuate, leading most to seek refuge in mosques and public squares.

Residents taking shelter
Jenin's deputy governor, Kamal Abu Aroub, stated on Tuesday morning that approximately 3,000 residents had fled the camp, with a thousand of them taking shelter in Palestinian Authority buildings, including those belonging to the city's security forces.

Juliette Touma, spokeswoman for the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees, confirmed that residents of the camp were leaving.
Palestinian media released footage showing crowds walking out of Jenin, passing Israeli military vehicles.

Israeli army spokesman Brig. Gen. Daniel Hagari stated on Tuesday morning that Israeli forces still had around ten Palestinian "targets" in the area and that they had arrested and interrogated at least 110 suspects. He affirmed, "There is no corner of the refugee camp that we haven't reached."

The operation, which resulted in extensive destruction in the densely populated camp, drew condemnation from Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Arab League, and others. 

Meanwhile, the US expressed support for Israel's right to defend itself.

Earlier on Monday, Israeli forces raided what the military described as a "unified command center" for militants in the Jenin refugee camp. They revealed that it served as an advanced observation and reconnaissance center, where militants would gather to coordinate and prepare for attacks, as well as a shelter for terror attack suspects in recent months, Haaretz reported.

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