The iPhone 13 leaks and insider info

Price, specs and everything you need to know about the upcoming iPhone 13 launch later this year.

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AMMAN — With Apple’s annual announcements of their new iPhones taking place in September, it is no secret that most Apple fans are starting to feel anxious about the latest iPhone 13 developments.اضافة اعلان

With the recent reveal of the potential launch date for preorders of the latest iPhone hitting e-commerce stores as soon as September 17, according to, there is no better time to gain some insight into the Apple’s latest phone’s specs and pricing. 

Last year’s release of the iPhone 12 was delayed by several months as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Forbes reported. Jon Prosser, from, a well-known member of the Apple leaks community, that the iPhone will not be delayed in 2021 and its release schedule will continue as planned throughout September.
Here’s a full brief of everything that is currently suspected about the latest iPhone 13 release. 


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Although there have been speculations into the pricing of the latest iPhone, sources have told that there are arguments to be made in favor of a slight hike over the iPhone 12.

The cost hike is related directly to the recent shortage in CPUs.

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, a key supplier of semiconductors for many players of the smartphone industry, has stated it would increase its rates on its processors, possibly suggesting that Apple would unload those costs unto its customer base. 

With 2020 seeing companies such as Samsung and Google decreasing the cost of their phones by up to $200 for their base versions, it is possible that Apple may maintain their status quo in terms of pricing when it releases the iPhone 13’s base version starting at $799 as always. 

In terms of upgrades, it has been speculated that the iPhone 13 will resemble its predecessor, with an iPhone 13 Mini model being available at launch along with its standard model.

The Pro and Pro Max will follow suit with minor improvements to their cameras and processor speeds, paired with a larger display on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Upgrades from the previous generations of iPhones are to be expected with the new iPhone 13. 

iPhone 13 specs 

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Nanoreview claims that the iPhone 12 hosts the A14 bionic chip, which has 6 cores, a cache of 8MB and a stunning 3100 MHZ, with a graphics processing unit comparable to the previous generation’s A12.

The iPhone 13 has been confirmed to have the latest A15 Bionic chip.

More than 100 million units of the A15 chip have been ordered by Apple, leading to the belief that all versions of the iPhone 13 will feature this chip, including the mini version. The A15, while maintaining the same 6-Core architecture, has been confirmed to have an N5P node, leading to a faster, more reactive system that is runs smoother with more applications running in the background.

The cores will likely maintain their 2-core efficient and 4-core performance layout. However, due to the improved display that is bound to be added to the iPhone 13, it is possible that Apple will opt in for a 50/50 model to balance power and efficiency as battery life is likely to shorten due to the increased fidelity of the phone. 

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In terms of the iPhone 13’s display, leaks suggest Samsung is still working in tandem with their favorite competitor, with the circuitry that links the display of the iPhone 13 and the board of the phone being manufactured by Apple’s rival.

It has been suggested that the LTPO panel developed by Samsung will be featured in the new phone’s release and will enable the iPhone to have a thinner chassis, leading to an overall lighter iPhone.

Were the LTPO rumors to be accurate, it is also highly likely that that the iPhone will have a higher native refresh rate, leading to a smoother browsing and video playback experience. 

For several generations, the iPhone camera has been one of the most unique selling points of the phone.

According to MacRumors, which covers information on Apple’s latest developments, it is suggested that the iPhone 13’s Max and Pro Max variants will feature a 6-element ultra-wide lens unlike its iPhone 12 counterpart featuring only 5.

The camera is also slightly thicker than the iPhone 12 by 0.12MM, which could prove to be slightly inconvenient for those that often lay their phone face down with the camera. However, for the average user, this leads to a higher overall quality of images taken – at the cost of memory of course. 

There have been no announcements or developments suggesting that the new lineup of iPhones will move away from its previous 64 GB, 128GB, 256 GB and 512 lineups.

There has been talk in the 9to5Mac community about a potential expansion of the lineup to feature a one terabyte version of the new phone, most likely included within the iPhone 13 Pro Max variant of the device.

It is yet to be confirmed whether or not these speculations are true, however if confirmed, it is likely that the iPhone 13 Pro Max variant would most likely be significantly thicker than its counterparts as a result of such a vast memory expansion. 

Alright, sounds good – but what about touch ID? 

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To date there has been nothing confirmed in terms of including this feature with this release. While its not completely out of the question, there are unconfirmed rumors on the feature making a comeback potentially through the screen taking over the functionality of screening your fingertips over the home button.  

Many users may be aware that using the iPhone’s face ID outdoors while wearing a mask has been a rather painful process. While Apple has not made any explicit statements on the matter, there has been speculation from Forbes on an improved version of the face ID system, with a potential addition of multiple face IDs in order to improve user friendliness. 

Still no headphone jack? 

What is possibly one of Apple’s most controversial moves to date, the iPhone 13 is highly unlikely to return the headphone jack.

For audiophiles all around the world, the announcement of the removal of this port greatly hindered their trust, and potentially willingness, to move forward with Apple’s devices.

With the improvements to the total bitrate transfer of Bluetooth headphones in the last several years, it is arguable that the wireless headphones of 2021 are on par, if not better, than the wired headphones of the iPhone 8 era, where we saw the headphone jack annihilated out of existence. 

The Roundup 

The iPhone 13 is sure to see improvements in its raw processing power, its display capabilities and the camera fidelity that it offers its userbase.

Whether or not it is on par with its competitors such as Samsung, Huawei and the number of alternate smart-phone manufacturing companies is too soon to tell – yet fans of Apple products are guaranteed to be in for a treat in terms of overall incremental increases to the total performance of the latest iPhone 13.
While the iPhone 12 featured an improvement to its GPU and processor, the iPhone 13 features greater improvements to camera capabilities in terms of focus and responsiveness of its screen.

There are a variety of smaller improvements which have been rumored around the internet, such as the improved 5g capability of the phone in addition to smaller modifications to the exterior of the phone such as minute shifts in buttons. We expect the iPhone 13 to sell well as Apple fans will always want the next big thing from the tech industry giant. 

Our Take

While we definitely feel that the refresh rate and the core improvements are bound to create a powerhouse of a phone, there are arguments to be made in favor of smaller, lesser-known alternatives. Several companies across Asia have begun springing up and offering alternatives close to or on par in terms of performance. 

We recommend waiting until the final specs are released officially by Apple to make up your mind, and until then, look out for our other pieces that will discuss the smaller competitors that have been making a splash in the smart-phone world with great potential to rival even the giants such as Apple, Samsung or the recent wonderkid Huawei. 

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