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The Weekly App Roundup

WhatsApp updates, Zoom introduces livestreaming, and Reddit catching up to TikTok

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This week we have got a couple of great highlights from the app world, including WhatsApp’s soon to be released multi-device functionality, Zoom adding the ability to stream directly on Twitch, and Reddit looking at implementing a TikTok style user-generated content feature on its platform. اضافة اعلان

WhatsApp multiple device support: A long awaited feature

WhatsApp’s long-rumored multi-device capability may be nearing completion.

WhatsApp has been working on this feature for quite some time, but it’s taken longer than expected due to the amount of work required to enable such a feature.

Beta testing was conducted over the last two years for certain regions across the world. Amongst the trials was a “multi-device beta”, which would allow gadgets to function even when not connected to the user’s phone, a relatively new feature in the messenger world.

However, now a multi-device upgrade is on the way, allowing users to connect a second phone to their WhatsApp account.

This update will be perfect for those who have multiple smartphones and need to be able to use WhatsApp on both of them.

The linked device capabilities will allow users to control all connected devices similarly to how they can currently with WhatsApp web, but without the need to have their primary phone constantly connected to the internet in the background.

This is especially intriguing because with this new update, WhatsApp is making it easier for users to be able to use the platform without necessarily connecting it to a phone number, which it previously required them to do.

Along with this update, a number of enhancements are also expected to surface, including the ability to create link previews, faster logins, and other features that are yet to be announced by Meta themselves.

Zoom livestreams: Lowering the entry barrier to streaming 

If you appreciate Zoom and also dabble in livestreaming on Twitch, you will be happy to hear that you can now broadcast from Twitch directly through Zoom, according to a recent announcement.

This feature requires the usage of the Zoom desktop client to connect to Twitch and begin streaming.

Streaming from Twitch through a different service is not new, as previously, users could stream through applications such as Restream. However by adding Zoom the procedure can now run more smoothly, especially for those whose content  previously revolved around engaging with other people on the platform.

Users with the Pro, Business, Enterprise, or Education subscriptions on Zoom may access Twitch streaming directly from Zoom.

Considering Twitch is not only for gaming — as there are individuals broadcasting music sessions, creative arts, and crafts streams, alongside everything in between — this certainly is an interesting move.

While we do not anticipate gamers to start broadcasting via Zoom soon, there is plenty of room for webinars, training sessions, and instructional streams to begin appearing on the platform.

Reddit dabbling in short-form video content generation

Reddit is working on introducing more user-generated video content to its site.

While nothing is known about how the new video feature would function, Reddit has acknowledged in recent interviews that it is investigating the possibility of implementing it sometime in the near future.

According to reports, the new feature would include TikTok-style editing capabilities, as well as the option to upload video replies to other people’s films.

The ability to merge videos from multiple individuals using features like Duets is one of TikTok’s most popular features.

Instagram’s Reels and Snapchat’s Spotlight have both attempted to join the competition by providing comparable capabilities. Now it appears that Reddit wants a piece of the action as well.

It is a welcome change from Reddit’s primarily text-based dialogue. It will be fascinating to watch how a video feature inspired by TikTok unfolds.

Reddit says it will first reach out to certain groups to see if they are interested in testing out the new video function.

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