Galaxy Fold Z review : Samsung finally made ‘the fold’ great

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Foldable phones, even in today’s day and age, are a piece of novel technology that, for most, the price simply doesn’t cut it. While many foldable phones were developed over the last three years, with Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, and even Microsoft chasing the foldable pipedream, none have come quite as close to perfecting the tech as Samsung finally has with their latest Samsung Galaxy Fold Z. اضافة اعلان

To put it bluntly, however, it is still a novel piece of tech, albeit significantly more functional now.

While it still retains its bulkiness, and the folding feature may seem awkward to use at first, it is definitely a showcase of just how far folding technology has come in terms of improvements.

This review will closely examine the newly released Samsung Galaxy Fold Z and will hopefully help you decide whether it’s time to hop onboard the folding powertrain ride.

Design and reliability

Being as bulky as it is, it is no surprise that the phone is durable compared to its predecessors. The device can withstand up to 30 minutes submerged up to 1.5m underwater, ensuring that if you decide to take a dip with your phone still in your pocket, you won’t have to break your bank repairing the phone.

However, we most certainly don’t recommend testing this out firsthand — the phone isn’t meant to be an underwater submersible.

The phone's casing is solid aluminum and features gorilla glass for its screen, both of which are welcome as the latest back-glass fad of the smart device world has cost many a pretty penny in fall damages.

The screen is also covered in PET 3 film, giving it a significant protective layer and increased durability.

Sound and display

Once unfolded, the phone’s screen is 7.6 inches of LED goodness flying at 120 HZ.

The phone feels smooth to the touch and offers a smooth browsing experience as you scroll through its features. Added to the mix is a fantastic 2208x1768 resolution that offers Samsung’s latest eco-tech that increases the brightness by around 20 percent. Overall, in terms of media viewership, this phone is the crème de la crème of foldable phone technology.

The sound is remarkable as well. It is loud and clear when viewing media, listening to music, or watching a movie. The speakers are located on different parts of the phone, therefore, creating a more holistic listening experience.

While we obviously would still recommend a listening device such as earphones or headphones, the Fold does tremendously well in the audio department all on its own.

Under the hood

If you are a fan of multitasking, you’re in luck — this is quite possibly the most multitask-friendly device in the market to date.

Running multiple on both screens is now not just possible, but in fact, very reliable as the second screen can double as a separate phone altogether. The phone can run up to 3 apps at once — so you can attend that pesky late afternoon meeting while browsing through your email, all the while your music tracks play in the background to keep you powered through the day.

Samsung has also created multiple apps that support “Flex Mode” which activates once the phone is folded like a laptop. In essence, Flex shifts all controls down to its bottom screen and keeps all viewed content on the top portion of the screen, truly making it feel like a laptop from the future (a miniature one).

While Samsung is the only manufacturer of apps that appeal to this mode, as foldable phones gain traction in the future, we are bound to see more app companies begin releasing apps that cater to this demographic.

For those of you who are firm advocates for penned devices, rejoice — the pen has made a comeback in style. As a result of the 7.6-inch screen, the Galaxy Fold Z creates the perfect canvas for the smartpen. Whether taking notes, doodling, or signing a document, the Fold perfectly reacts to the e-pen, making it feel almost as if they were made for each other.

However, the pen doesn’t come with the device, nor does the device have a storage slot on the phone itself for the pen. Therefore, you will have to buy the pen separately and hunt down specialized cases that feature storage for the pen.

In terms of the more technical, the Galaxy Fold features the Snapdragon 888, a powerhouse of a microprocessor, paired with 12GB of RAM and the base version housing 256GB — although this can be upgraded to 512GB with the flagship.

The battery life of the phone is one of its few drawbacks. Its 4,500mAh battery only gave way to around seven hours of use before the battery runs out. It’s important to note that during the testing, the screen was locked at 60HZ; 120HZ would most definitely cause the battery life to last closer to six hours or less.

As far as the camera goes — it’s very similar to its younger brother, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which included Single Take and Director’s View. The camera also lacks the zooming capabilities in contrast to the iPhone 13, and the shots lack the color vibrancy that the iPhone can pull off.

However, for those that aren’t keen on professional photography, the phone’s camera isn’t just reasonable — but fully functional and sufficient for the everyday user.


At an astounding 1,300 JD online, the Galaxy Fold Z has only one question to answer: is it better than the iPhone 13?

Yes and No

The device itself clearly is meant to attract a more targeted audience, especially those that are constantly in need of multitasking. If you’re looking to try something newfound and are ready to bite the bullet on the price tag — we definitely think that the Galaxy Fold Z is a solid device.

However, if you’re more conservative both in terms of spending and tech tastes, potentially hold out on this one for now — Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi have hinted that they have started developing a more affordable line-up of foldable phones.

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