Al-Hijazin: Services after 28 years will be easier but scarier

(Photo: Petra)
AMMAN— Director-General of the Jordan News Agency (Petra) Fayeq al-Hijazin said that services in the world 28 years from now will be easier, but scarier, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.اضافة اعلان

Al-Hijazin made his remarks as he participated at a panel discussion at the 11th annual International Government Communication Forum(IGCF), on Thursday, in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Al-Hijazin explained that modern technology, with all its tools, enabled the various media outlets to handle the audience's reaction directly and modify its media message.

Responding to a question, al-Hijazin stressed that the reliance on the state-run media is "very high", indicating that 90 percent of the news circulated on many different media outlets, as well as social media, are news quoted from the state media.

He noted that Jordan has launched a media education curriculum, which will be included in the national curricula by 2023, while benefiting from the expertise of media professionals working in this field.

He also stressed the need to balance between the pros and cons of Web 3.0 so that we can use it in the right and proper ways, and avoid illegal methods.
In light of the spread of false and fabricated news and images, and those who call for racism or hatred, al-Hijazin stressed that the Metaverse environment verifies such news.

"The Arab world has the ability to keep pace with the developments and we have several experiences of investing and benefiting from these developments. This is reflected in the services, industry and daily lives of people in this region. In fact, when we talk of the metaverse, the whole world is on the doorsteps of this new world, while the UAE is among the first of two global locations where this is to be tested," al-Hijazin said.

Prof. Wendy Hall, Executive Director of the Web Science Institute at the University of Southampton, said that Web 3.0 is the key to making the Metaverse safe, but the world needs to really understand what it might be and what the dangers of it are if it is in the wrong hands.

Prof Ajit Jaokar, AI Course Director, Oxford University, emphasized that while technologists may have made a mistake of simply looking at the Internet as technology, people also realized that there is the aspect of culture that surrounds it.

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