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Qaisi crowned UAE Warriors featherweight champion

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Jordanian Ali Al-Qaisi and his new featherweight belt in Abu Dhabi on Friday. (Photo: Handout from the UAE Warriors) 
AMMAN — The UAE Warriors crowned Jordanian Ali Al-Qaisi their new featherweight champion in Abu Dhabi on Friday. The former UFC veteran, improved his professional record to 11-5 overall and extended his winning streak.اضافة اعلان

During that run, Qaisi has a pair of UAE Warriors victories sandwiched between a Titan FC win that gave him another title around his waist.
Both fighters spent much of the first round implementing their game plan, with Qaisi taking control of the ground game in the second round.

In the third round, the defending champion landed a solid combo, but Qaisi’s grappling once again set the tone for the round. Qaisi would eventually get the win after 25 minutes of hard work, despite a harsh strike to the groin in the fourth round.

Tarek Suleiman, another Jordanian who competed on Friday, won after his opponent KB Bhular was disqualified for an illegal knee. Suleiman is the reigning UAEW light-heavyweight champion but was competing at 84kg for the prizefight and was dominating the ground game until the incident happened. 

On Thursday night, another Jordanian MMA fighter took part of the UAE Warrior’s event, Nawras “the honey badger” Abzakh won with a stinging knockout over his Egyptian opponent Mohammad Gamal in the flyweight division.

Nart Abida continued his winning streak, with a second win with the UAE Warriors, through a well-executed armbar of his Moroccan opponent Nabil Igli.

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