Young podcaster tackles taboos in drive to ‘spread love, not hate’

Sadeq Saudi
Right: Sadeq Saudi, the 21-year-old host of Msh Harb (which means “love not war” in Arabic), can be seen at his studio in this undated photo. The podcaster tackles tough issues such as sexual assault and bullying. (Photo: Handout from Sadeq Saudi) Left: Illustration for Sadeq Saudi
AMMAN — A local independent podcast called Hob Msh Harb (which means “love not war” in Arabic), is tackling taboos and a variety of social challenges such as bullying and abuse in hopes to spread awareness.اضافة اعلان

 “The idea of the podcast is to help people to become a better version of themselves by accepting themselves and others,” said 21-year-old Sadeq Saudi, who hosts the podcast. “To achieve this, the person needs to love himself first and that’s what I am trying to deliver in the podcast.”

On the podcast, individuals share their experiences in the hope of helping listeners embrace or find peace with their own trials in life. “I don’t have any partners in my podcast, but anyone willing to share his story on it becomes my partner in helping others with similar experiences,” he told Jordan News.

Saudi’s main motivation for creating the podcast was his passion for helping people and cultivating a better environment. “Since I was young, I have always wanted to work in an NGO to help others, then I realized the amount of care that the social issues require in our community,” Saudi said.

“In the meantime, it’s harder to love than to hate because love requires effort and commitment so, from this, I was inspired to call my podcast Hob Msh Harb,” the podcaster added.  

The podcast does not only shed light on major social issues, but also highlights the unique narratives of individuals overcoming their struggles.  “The podcast focuses on any suffering a person had to face in society or within himself, such as accepting and dealing with mental illnesses,” Saudi said. 

“We don’t focus on a specific kind of issues because even though human beings go through different experiences, they can always relate one way or another to others’ past experiences,” he explained. 

Saudi stressed the importance of combatting societal taboos. He hopes to create a safe space for Jordanians to discuss topics that are otherwise forbidden or controversial. “In our community, we are still suffering from a blaming culture, so it is really hard for an individual to talk about some of their past experiences especially when it comes to sexual harassment or rape,” the podcaster said. 

However, according to Saudi, the taboo of these subjects is the very reason they must be discussed. “Sharing such experiences will help a person who didn’t go through similar ones be aware of it (them),” Saudi added. 

Saudi maintains a flexible system for individuals to reach out to the podcast. Stories can be shared anonymously, which helps those who share protect their privacy and safety. “People who want to share their stories can reach out to us on our Instagram page, or if they would like to share their story anonymously we can send them a link so they can share it safely,” he said.

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