Transforming your tabletop for the perfect summer dinner party

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While it is always nice to enjoy the various restaurants Jordan offers, sometimes it can be just as fun — if not more fun — to host dinner at your home. اضافة اعلان

Hosting from home offers a greater level of freedom when socializing; there are no restaurant closing hours to contend with and no need to splash out on expensive drinks to justify a long chatting session. You can set the start and end times of the evening. And as an added bonus, you can roll straight into bed after your guests leave.

Although hosting from home seems fairly simple, pulling off a memorable and enjoyable night of dining with friends can be tricky. Here are some factors you should consider to help prepare: your guest list, the menu, and the table setting.

Undoubtedly the guests you invite will form the basis of your night and are the most important factor to consider when planning the evening. You can begin to set the tone for your guests, even before they arrive — if you want to make your dinner party a more formal or themed affair, you can send out personalized invitations, making a simple night in feel more like a special event.

Handwritten or designed invitations add a personal touch, distinguishing your night from any other. There is also no shortage of online culinary advice and recipes if you need inspiration.

Now for the true fun, tablescaping.

Tablescaping, or table-setting, is a term that has gained popularity over the last few years. It describes the art of setting the table. A good dinner party includes good food and drinks, but a great one is accompanied by a carefully thought-out tablescape and personalized touches. 

Instagram homefluencers and interior designers have popularized the phrase when sharing images of beautifully curated dinner tables and picnics, so it is no surprise that people are seeking to recreate the beautiful aesthetics they see online.

Luckily, tablescaping is an art that can be conquered with a little inspiration, time, thought, and some considered purchases.

Before setting out to design your tablescape, I would recommend delving into the world of interiors and dining online.

Entrepreneur Laura Jackson (@iamlaurajackson) is my point of reference. Her colorful, fun, and unique dinner spreads are largely unmatched. With an ability to meld together vintage homewares and contemporary pieces picked up on her travels. No one tablescapes are the same, although all are equally inspiring. While she is based in London, I would recommend looking at her work as its timeless nature is easily replicable in Jordan.

As someone who enjoys cooking and hosting dinner parties, I love seeking inspiration online and creating my own aesthetically pleasing dinner setups.

However, if the idea of curating a dinner table leaves you flummoxed, then here are three basic tips to help you get going.

Tip number one: Draw influence from your food

While your guests are undoubtedly coming to see you and enjoy your company, they are also coming for a night of great food and drinks. Thus, it is essential to plan and establish your dishes first.

It can be fun to theme your night around different world cuisines or experiences; if you opt to do so, you can then base your tablescape around the themes present in your food — drawing upon the colors of the dishes or the culture of origin.

Tip number two: Establish your base layers

Once your theme and cuisine are set, you can start developing your tablescape.

Layering is a great way to build texture and depth on your table. Start by layering up tablecloths that reflect your chosen theme — one or two tablecloths of varying colors or textures can build the base of your table.

Linen cloths are a great option for the summer months, giving a light Mediterranean look.

Start layering in line with the scheme of tablecloths you choose. Then layer complimentary napkins, cutlery, plates, and glassware.

Shops such as Zara Home provide good quality, attractive crockery options, coming at a slightly higher price point but providing the quality to match.

If you prefer a budget option that provides a more bohemian look, then utilize inherited or second-hand pieces found in local stores. Do not be scared of mixing and matching individual crockery bits.

Tip number three: Add the final flourishes

Once your table is set with the necessary plates and glasses, you can add some final aesthetic touches. Fresh or dried flowers always add a lightness to the table, giving life to an otherwise flat design.

Similarly, candles are a great option for changing the ambiance of the setup as they brighten your indoor or outdoor table.

A final personalized touch for your guests can be handwritten place names, letting you establish a seating plan while tailoring the night.

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