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ARIES: Compromise, be accepting and control any tendency to be aggressive and argumentative; instead, exercise self-control. Be patient and persistent and work toward Better relationships with those you care about.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Good times and great memories don’t need to cost anything. You might prefer to stay home with a loving partner or surrounded by family and friends than to attend a community event or social occasion you are unlikely to enjoy.

GEMINI: Clear your head. Take a walk around the block for a breath of fresh air. Don’t let a disagreement or misunderstanding derail your plans. Spend time with thoughtful loved ones who are easy to get along with and laugh with.

CANCER: Love can almost always find a way. You and a romantic partner may discuss an issue and be in complete harmony. You and your tribe should have little trouble thinking up festive things to do together.

LEO: Your heart might not be in it if your head is somewhere else. You may want to enjoy a holiday gathering, but your thoughts may frequently stray back to a budding ambition or to an interesting new project.

VIRGO: Remain in your comfort zone. You may be most comfortable when you have a variety of activities and entertainments planned for the day. Focus on familiar subjects and interests that let you show off your skills.

LIBRA: Hold court. Someone around you may seem to be fascinated by just about anything you say or do. Share your deepest thoughts and offer special gifts to those you love. Enjoy being a center of attention.

SCORPIO: Showing off your imagination could make a romantic partner more attentive. Memorable moments could uplift your day from ordinary to extraordinary. You and a romantic partner may grow closer through shared experience.

SAGITTARIUS: When an opportunity arises, you can show sympathy to the vulnerable and offer help to the needy. Be careful about sharing personal confidences or your innermost fears with someone you do not know well.

CAPRICORN:  Break away from routines and enjoy a special meal or a meaningful adventure with a loved one or friends. You can widen your horizons by doing something different. Visit new places, meet new people or try new activities.

AQUARIUS: If you are involved, let your romantic partner take the lead. You might not be in the mood for socializing, but someone close can help change your mind. You might prefer sticking to traditional activities and routines.

PISCES: Everyone knows that to attract flies, you should use sugar rather than salt. A similar technique can be used to calm down family squabbles. Do not let someone push your buttons and disturb your serenity.

IF DEC. 24 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may be overly optimistic, overconfident, and prone to dreaming impossible dreams as the next two to three weeks unfold. Lay low and do not put major projects into action in February. Your fantasies may take wing and fly if you take a vacation or meet a new romantic partner in the first half of March. Mid-May is a fine time to launch your most precious plans, seek sound advice, make desirable changes, or to make life altering decisions. Your dreams can come true through hard work and long-term dedication, especially within the areas of business or career, in June. Your initiative and precision are tools that will help you reach your highest professional objectives.

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