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ARIES: Do what comes naturally. There’s no need to try to be anyone else to impress a new friend since just being yourself can work best. The kind deeds that you perform for others now may be repaid ten times over.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Minimize the damage. You may well deserve your latest pricey toy but try to bargain the price down to keep the costs within reason. Be careful that your tastes don’t exceed your available budget now.

GEMINI: Share your take on the situation. A friend or loved one's current crisis may easily be solved if you simply offer your objective but sincere opinion. Fairness and wisdom can make others eager to hear your views.

CANCER: Lofty objectives may require a lot of preparation so start doing your homework now to figure out what you will need to reach your goals. The most important thing is to take your time and be thorough.

LEO: You have nothing to prove. If your significant other begins putting conditions and demands on your relationship, it may be time to share your feelings and clear the air. An objective opinion may help you see a clearer picture.

VIRGO: Give everyone plenty of space. The affection and attention you might lavish on someone could be too much for them to handle so you may want to back off a little. Someone might fear losing their independence.

LIBRA: Read between the lines. The way someone says something may be just as important as what they say, so pay attention. Someone could confuse you with mixed signals, or your expectations might be too high.

SCORPIO: Concentrate on the present moment. Be friendly and open with associates but steer clear of making long-term plans or commitments right now. Clear your current slate of tasks before starting anything new.

SAGITTARIUS: Share your hopes and dreams. Opening up to someone may make you realize that you are not alone or unique in your secret wishes and fears. Don’t be hesitant about just being authentically yourself.

CAPRICORN: Set aside some “me” time. When your work is done for the week, you can set your sights on enjoyment of personal time and your personal projects. Loved ones may be eager to follow your lead.

AQUARIUS: You may be in over your head. Get some advice if you find that your latest project is too much for you to handle. It might be better to simply walk away than waste any more time on a stress-filled task.

PISCES: The more the merrier. You can be at your best when using your charm to mingle with people in social settings. While you can certainly handle the crowd, one-on-one interactions may prove more satisfying.

IF OCT. 29 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Use ample common sense and judiciousness to handle difficult people and strained emotional issues that may pop up in the next three to four weeks. Do not be distracted from the things close to your heart and wait until the first half of December to make crucial business and financial decisions. That is a time when a supportive network of friends and your intelligence can give you added help in making in serious decisions. Social activities can be on the upswing as December winds down. Late January is the best time to put your ideas and plans into motion since you are likely to be wiser than usual and may receive a chance to show off your expertise. Some of your dreams may come true so you can celebrate with an early February weekend built for two or a quick vacation. You are well aware of your duties and obligations, however, and should work hard in February to maintain your momentum. 

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