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ARIES: Get pumped up with a partner. Find a social outlet by participating in an exercise class or taking a walk in the park with a companion. Remain mindful of your blessings by making time for a regular gratitude practice.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Get your way another day. The small change you spend so freely eventually adds up to real money. Avoid making major expenditures or taking on additional credit card debt and your finances should bounce back.

GEMINI: You could waste time and effort if you make mountains out of molehills. Boredom can tempt you to stir the pot. Instead, find some constructive outlets for your energy. Shelve important decisions for the moment.

CANCER: Use a knack for handling illogical people and emotional turmoil. You may be viewed as a team player because you lend a friend or coworker a helping hand. Accept an opportunity to brighten your future.

LEO: Let your creative side shine through. Like a sculptor, you can chip away at problems, leaving just the most valuable parts that make a strong statement. Avoid signing contracts or becoming involved in heated negotiations.

VIRGO: You may fight for peace at any cost. Someone could be more forceful and aggressive than usual. Romantic misunderstandings are possible unless you commit to being considerate and avoid controversial issues.

LIBRA: Process your feelings first, then you can remain appropriate even when you are tempted to really vent. Someone may promise more than they can deliver so take assurances with a grain of salt. Keep a secret attraction private for now.

SCORPIO: Happy times may be looming on the horizon. Look forward to social gatherings and sporting events. Cash can be like water; spread it around to bring benefits, but also save some extra money in your bank account.

SAGITTARIUS: You may be on your mark, but the starting flag may not actually drop. What seems like an impending event might never materialize. Enjoy sharing activities and your enthusiasms with a loved one or friend.

CAPRICORN: You may be placed under pressure to spend or invest your money to address a possible need, but you would be wise to resist. Focus on growing closer to a loved one and making yourself available when needed.

AQUARIUS: History should be an excellent teacher. Reviewing the past might put a current situation into perspective but it may not always guarantee the same result. Do not let a battle of wills spin out of control.

PISCES: Compassion may reach its peak. You may feel you must make a sacrifice because you understand someone’s inner needs. Observe neutrally and carefully so no one over-dramatizes a complicated situation.

IF SEPT. 13 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your main priority may be to achieve peace and harmony as the next four to five weeks unfold. Your imagination is at a high point, making this an excellent time to develop creative ideas. In the first half of October, your practical side could be vying for attention too, so you may decide to concentrate on several moneymaking activities. As November arrives, you may be more focused on widening your social network and may decide to accept an invitation to join a business organization where you can meet helpful contacts. Your ambition may be triggered by rubbing shoulders with successful people, but do not start any new venture between mid-November and mid-December when you should be focused on your current responsibilities. Late February, when your judgment is better than usual, is a much better time to put your important plans into action.

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