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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Listen to your intuition and keep your head down if things seem sketchy. Avoid dangerous situations and confrontations and do not take unnecessary risks. Defending yourself may only make matters worse today.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You are unlikely to get the treasure unless you slay the dragon first. To make your mark, provide convincing evidence that your ideas work. Explain your reasoning if you think someone doesn’t fully understand.

GEMINI: Head them off at the pass. Act quickly to clear up misunderstandings or to prevent a potential dispute. Being flexible about schedules is an asset under these stars. Stifle an impulse to offer unsolicited advice.

CANCER: Never abandon a sure thing to gamble on something risky. Family members may seem too misunderstanding right now. An argument or making unnecessary changes can cause disruptive ripples in your life.

LEO: Follow through on a job or competitive activity without upsetting anyone. When you are busy you may not realize you stepped on someone’s toes. Be careful if you must handle delicate situations or touchy people at work.

VIRGO: Avoid miscommunications. Concentrate on maintaining a pleasant atmosphere at home and at work. You may see something that triggers an obsessive urge to buy it, but it probably will not be satisfying in the end.

LIBRA: Pushing someone’s buttons could start an argument. Though you may have the best intentions, expressing certain things could result in a jealous confrontation. Steer clear of disagreements and of new commitments.

SCORPIO: New friends may ultimately demonstrate a certain level of incompatibility. Your efforts to become part of a group could be like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. Stick with your current besties.

SAGITTARIUS: Avoid any hubris; your confidence may turn out to be misplaced. Even if you have all your bases covered, a snap decision could prove costly. Make sure details and purchases are checked and rechecked.

CAPRICORN: Your triggers are your responsibility to heal, even if the wounds were caused by someone else. Burn off excess energy in constructive activities: Scrub a bathroom, organize your paperwork, or find other ways to be active.

AQUARIUS: stay in your own lane. People may hold private information they prefer not to reveal. You might think you are being friendly by showing an interest, but a misunderstanding may mean you are not welcomed with open arms.

PISCES: You have the ball in your court so stick to the plan. Use tact and diplomacy to handle important phone calls and find ways to bypass misunderstandings. It isn’t wise to risk your money by signing a contract today.

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