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June 26 2022 8:53 PM ˚
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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Ride like the wind. Your energetic approach will make family members and romantic partners take notice and want to come along. You may be willing to spend money to make your home more beautiful and valuable.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Love makes sparks fly. You might try to shock someone just to get their undivided attention. Greener pastures might be right around the corner, but you may be just as happy staying in your own backyard.

GEMINI: Give gentle answers to gentle requests. You are building up material security even if you have a few doubts right now. Someone might throw shade about your abilities, but remain confident and keep your hopes high.

CANCER: If you’re otherwise committed, shy away from a charged flirtation. However, feel free to introduce yourself to someone who intrigues you, and who may have critical intel on how to make more money or do a better job.

LEO: Sift through old, shared memories from the past to amuse friends and family. Take time to clarify the situation if someone misunderstands your meaning — they may need more background or a deeper explanation.

VIRGO: Keep your eyes and ears open. Consider investing time and money into a new study or hobby this weekend. There might be something you have always wanted to try that could give you a chance to make new friends.

LIBRA: You don’t have to “do” to be enough, but you might want to roll your sleeves up when challenged by romantic partners to prove your commitment. Concentrate on being sociable and putting the finishing touches on creative projects.

SCORPIO: You might be in for a surprise or discover that something you depend upon has changed. Do not worry because everything should turn out for the best. A postponement does not mean you must abandon an outing.

SAGITTARIUS: Scattering your energies into too many projects can sap your strength. You may start something this weekend and then lose interest. Do not be disappointed if one of your wishes does not come true.

CAPRICORN: There are plenty of ways to defend your views without challenging anyone. An ability to handle people from diverse backgrounds may be useful. You might feel saddled with someone else’s responsibilities or tasks.

AQUARIUS: A brief attack of sentimentality may tempt you to buy something you do not need. Someone may stir up hidden emotions or remind you of days long past. Avoid quarrels and misunderstandings over money.

PISCES: Don’t let unwariness engulf you. Avoid making new investments because visions of riches could blind you to pitfalls. Someone may be under the impression that you aren’t giving your best if they don’t understand your work style.

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