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ARIES: All systems are ready to go but you could encounter turbulence. If you begin important projects or make financial commitments, your wallet could suffer. It is a good idea to sit on the sidelines and wait for better timing.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Keep your money in your pocket for a few more days. There is the potential for misunderstandings over someone’s irrational fears. Keep the lines of communication open if contracts or agreements are on the table.

GEMINI: Update your travel guide. The road ahead may seem clear of obstacles but there could be unseen problems where your money is concerned. Don’t gamble on an unfamiliar product or rely on casual assurances.

CANCER: Who you know can help with what you should know. Someone’s business savvy and knowledge could rub off on you. Develop a friendly relationship with a person who can teach you how to understand career timing.

LEO: Talk things over because someone might not be prepared to move ahead. You might not be able to achieve a goal if your actions are compromised by over-emotionality. Be grateful if someone acts on your behalf.

VIRGO: You will make the most progress if you convey the appropriate message. The odds are good that you can uncover the facts that turn something risky into a sure thing. Put others first even if it seems your efforts are unappreciated.

LIBRA: When the clouds blow away, you will be able to see blue skies. Be prepared to lend an ear or a shoulder to a friend or colleague in need. You might misinterpret someone’s thoughtful and benevolent intentions.

SCORPIO: Take a misunderstanding or stressful situation in stride. One person’s unsettled behavior does not necessarily reflect anyone else’s mood. Focus on reading the news, investigating your options and communicating with others.

SAGITTARIUS: Avoid a petty squabble by sticking to discussions about dollars and cents. Put some extra money into your bank account for a rainy day. Be a busy bee and find someone who will brighten your free time.

CAPRICORN: You are probably prone to deep thinking and revel in research. A loved one might be preoccupied by business or material success. Put your heads together and make plans for the future that allow you both to flourish.

AQUARIUS: Major progress can be made if you focus on upholding business policies and fulfilling responsibilities. Irrational emotions or someone’s meltdown could briefly keep you and a loved one on different wavelengths.

PISCES: Put social activities at the bottom of your “to do” list. Family issues could take up too much of your time, so it is a good idea to sort things out quickly. Give someone the benefit of the doubt to avoid a misunderstanding.

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