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ARIES: Your reputation is precious so do not make a power move that could backfire. Avoid becoming involved in new investments. Listen to a loved one and your social life could become more exciting and satisfying.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Learn from past mistakes. It is in your best interest to pay attention to apologies and ignore criticisms. Use your experiences as a reference point and you will discover just how much you have learned in the interim.

GEMINI: Prudent friends will seldom disappoint you. A group of people who enjoy learning about business techniques or share a common interest make a good fit. A partner or loved one may become more affectionate and forgiving.

CANCER: Be a tower of strength and a wise adviser. Restrain any inclination to go along with a partner’s latest investment plan since caution could be justified. Your loved ones should appreciate your philosophic approach to life.

LEO: It may not be in the stars — you could spend too much time pursuing a potential romantic partner who only wants to be in the friend zone. Don’t discuss ongoing family drama since it is likely to be resolved soon.

VIRGO: Give generously from the heart. A romantic partner may be too uncomfortable to ask for something that is needed, so it may be up to you to intuitively anticipate their needs. If in doubt, ask for clarification.

LIBRA: Being kind costs nothing. A close companion might seem edgy but is probably just looking for reassurances and dependability. This is a good time to offer any needed apologies or to gather people together to create a team effort.

SCORPIO: Place an emphasis on cooperation and teamwork. You may merely be a cog in one of the wheels, but without you, the wheels may not turn. Tomorrow is a better day to buy personal items or something of elegance.

SAGITTARIUS: There could be a few potholes on the road to financial security. Ignore any obsessive need to spend money on investments, tools or work-related items. Your peacemaking efforts can improve a situation.

CAPRICORN: Be a smart player — don’t reveal your cards unless you are sure to win. You might frequently confide in your most trusted friends but when your money is involved, it is smarter to keep your business to yourself.

AQUARIUS: Take a deep breath, open your eyes and see with compassion. This is a time when you should be more forgiving and understanding when someone tries your patience. Any fears will likely be revealed as groundless.

PISCES: A more active social calendar can bring out your best side. You might have too many responsibilities to get out and about today, but tomorrow may bring more invitations so you can start the weekend off right. 

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