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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: The heart may be willing, but attempts to win someone’s affections could fall flat. Crossed signals and misunderstandings might present a challenge. Learn the ins and outs before undertaking a new constructive task.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may crave rest and tranquility but also remain alert to the need for excitement and exercise in your recreational activities. A nice long walk in a new location that refreshes your senses could perfectly fit the bill.

GEMINI: Make the effort to be transparent. Keeping secrets and withholding information always breeds suspicion. Being honest and straightforward should endear you to your friends and create an atmosphere of trust.

CANCER: Tune out aggravations and turn off the drama. Avoid people who try to turn insignificant issues into emotional overwhelm. You possess benevolent instincts and can deflect attempts to draw you into an argument.

LEO: You and a loved one can put your heads together. Develop advantageous financial strategies that consider your career prospects. Focus on finishing what has already been started before taking on any new assignments.

VIRGO: Say exactly what you mean to say. Being direct and to the point will prevent disagreements and misunderstandings. Hold off on making major purchases because you may be dissatisfied with whatever you buy.

LIBRA: Talk it through — avoiding a point of contention could ultimately create more friction. You might be trying to juggle too many tasks at once. A household project may trigger a dispute if you take on too much or become too tired.

SCORPIO: Seek out new ways of adding to your network of business supporters and friends. Stay close to home if possible and tread carefully today — some people could be easily aggravated and could become aggressive.

SAGITTARIUS: Talk it out. A friendly discussion with a friend or partner can help you with strategic planning. Balance your efforts on your own behalf with kindnesses and generous giving to those less fortunate.

CAPRICORN: Take a timeout, calm down, think it through. Don’t respond until you are able to be wise and not just react. More can be accomplished if family members work to achieve unified goals rather than squabbling over details.

AQUARIUS: You will realize there is strength in numbers. Surround yourself with individuals who share your moral philosophy and positive outlook. Your business skills can be enhanced by contact with open-minded people.

PISCES: Focus on creating an aura of optimism and tranquility. Someone may ask for your counsel and wisdom while your loved ones can enjoy the oasis of tranquility that you provide. Avoid making large expenditures today.

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