Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Avoid making impulsive changes that may upset someone who holds different expectations. Your warmth and openness are welcomed in social gatherings, and someone may aim romantic thoughts your way.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You can’t escape routines by pretending they do not exist, but you can get your attitude right. If you are inclined to wishful thinking, it could be better to focus on physical tasks where you can see immediate and concrete results.

GEMINI: Expand your horizons. Pick up a magazine or read a book to stimulate your mind. A conversation with a friend or family member could prompt creative and imaginative ideas. Check out possible future vacation spots.

CANCER: A partner may be competitive and fixated on achieving fame and fortune. If a new idea pops up, your plans could change at the drop of a hat. Win over some new friends by demonstrating your understanding and compassion.

LEO: Some of your plans may not unfold as you imagined, but have faith that they can still turn out for the best. Someone may seem mesmerizing but may not be as trustworthy as they appear if they are carrying a hidden agenda.

VIRGO: Do your homework before you allow yourself to be captivated by a promising new health regimen or career opportunity. Although an offer may seem enticing, it could still somehow lead to unpleasant consequences or obligations.

LIBRA: You may be yearning for a little romance. A casual flirtation might flatter your ego but is unlikely to lead to anything worthwhile. You may have excellent creative ideas — be sure to note them for the future.

SCORPIO: Fix minor problems in your home before they snowball into something worse. Be equitable when you divvy up the profits so that everyone gets their fair share. This could be a fun night for a romantic hookup.

SAGITTARIUS: You’ll need to find some clarity on the ideas of ownership, sharing and boundaries. Some serious soul searching as well as due diligence should be performed before you embark on a new investment.

CAPRICORN: Consistent effort is what will bring you the gold. Don’t waste time on fruitless fantasies or schemes. Do not be fooled into spending money on something just because it looks good on the outside of the package.

AQUARIUS: Inspiration lifts you higher. Friends can motivate you to focus on home improvements or to support a worthy charity. Join forces with someone who has good judgment to wisely assess a new major purchase.

PISCES: You can be sensitive as well as sensible. You can give your favorite person or pet unconditional love despite any material limitations. You typically excel at being thoughtful and sympathetic when dealing with others.

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