Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Promises are meant to be kept. Stand firm and follow through every time you give your word. This could be a good time to offer an apology to someone if you have had to change your plans or have been too inconsistent.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Contacts in your immediate circle might act on principles, yet are willing to figure out a compromise. Read the writing on the wall — if you become too settled into the status quo, a gradual shift in conditions could be a surprise.

GEMINI: Start out with a clean slate. The truth should emerge at some point, so it is wise to be honest and forthright from the start. Your judgment is probably better than usual, and loved ones are willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

CANCER: Get organized. You can perform your duties in an orderly fashion, stick to a schedule and still be caring and there for someone. A loved one or partner may have original ideas and you should have the good sense to use them.

LEO: Being patient can offer you major rewards in the long term. A key relationship may be embroiled in tiresome circumstances. Offer some extra understanding and support if someone seems to be feeling especially down.

VIRGO: Your inner radar and truth-detecting mechanisms are likely in top condition. This is a good time to work hard to ensure you get the recognition you deserve. Use both good taste and common sense to get a good deal.

LIBRA: You’ll need to walk a razor’s edge between discretion and disclosure. It’s always important to be completely forthright and honest, yet sharing some information could seem like TMI, or be flat-out unkind now.

SCORPIO: Someone may seem smitten by your charms. Enjoy some flattery from a long list of admirers and make amends or do what’s needed to undo any family feuds. Use your good taste to choose home furnishings or a new outfit.

SAGITTARIUS: Operate at the top of your game by starting the day off on a cheerful note. Promote optimism and a positive team spirit when you work with others. Social media or creative hobbies can keep you entertained.

CAPRICORN: Networking can become your strong suit. You may become an expert at bringing people together. Old friends are reliable but new contacts can offer an abundance of useful insights and access to the latest trends.

AQUARIUS: You may be chosen as the designated rainmaker when someone must be picked to handle details and myriad minor duties. Much can be accomplished, and you should be infused with energy, but your social life may suffer.

PISCES: Be quick to apologize and slow to anger. Stockpile optimism and have faith in your loved ones. This is a good time to hold family meetings and to make necessary decisions. Loved ones should demonstrate faithfulness.

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