Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Make a breakthrough. You may have been unable to move ahead as swiftly as you would like because of practical considerations. However, some good advice or guidance can make you look at things in a different way.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Join up with likeminded people and share a wider range of ideas and concepts. People who are attracted by your friendly demeanor may take you into their confidence. Broaden your scope by studying a new subject.

GEMINI: Back down from a conflict. You can resolve an issue by being more cooperative and less insistent on having the upper hand. You should be able to move forward at full tilt if you are more generous and openhanded.

CANCER: A loved one may be more outgoing and sociable than usual. A friendly smile or an invitation to join a group outing could win someone’s heart. Put decisions about investments and joint finances on hold for a few days.

LEO: Someone close may harbor impractical expectations that could be blown away like smoke. Focus on being kind and attentive to coworkers, neighbors or friends. You might benefit from attending a group meeting.

VIRGO: Make the most progress by listening to someone’s advice. You can have more satisfying and fulfilling results if you use more imagination. Sharing your opinions with a confidant may result in a surprising discovery.

LIBRA: Something or someone not worthy of your admiration might distract you. Focus on making new connections and build up a network of trustworthy contacts. Your best allies and supporters may come from your family.

SCORPIO: For a few hours, your attention span might not be all there. Frequent phone calls could be a contributing factor. Avoid misunderstandings by double-checking key details, especially when family members are involved.

SAGITTARIUS: Communicate, don’t mandate. This is a time to discuss your options and think through your choices. Carefully maneuver away from those who expect you to offer or make irrevocable promises immediately.

CAPRICORN: Your social activities may be on steroids. Don’t be so preoccupied with new friends or so busy participating in group gatherings that you miss reading the fine print on a document. Sensibly balance your schedule.

AQUARIUS: Dream in castles in the air, but always bring your feet back down to earth. Be proud of your accomplishments no matter how small. Welcome any invitation to join a group of people who share your values.

PISCES: Lend an ear to a friend in need. Offer some thoughtful advice to someone who is down in the dumps and their problems could vanish. You and a loved one may have friends in common and share humanitarian goals.

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