Design recipes: 10 tips to find storage solutions

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Whether it is a small closet, large pantry or linen closet you want to keep tidy, organization is key to maximizing space and productivity. One philosophy that works: Everything should have a place, and be in place.اضافة اعلان

But what is the best way to achieve this sense of functionality and order? Here are some of our top organizational tips.

Keep items in clear containers or jarsBeing able to see what you have is half the struggle to help prevent purchasing items you already own.

Practice the one in, one out rulePurge seasonally. Instead of the once-a-year cleanup, consider evaluating what to keep and what to toss more often.

Buy bins, baskets or containers to store small itemsScan it! Gone are the days where boxes of documents or file cabinets full of paper are a necessity.

Just say noSay no to items or inherited heirlooms you simply don't have space or a need for that will sit in a closet or attic and collect dust.

Take new items out of boxesBoxes are bulky and take up a lot of space.

Go slimHuggable hangers and collapsible items can help maximize space.

Create cubbies or shelves to house items of various sizes

Consider built-ins (be thoughtful and purposeful)

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