Sheraton Hotel: Gateway to the heart of Amman

(Photos: Sheraton Hotel’s facebook account)
AMMAN — It is not easy for a hotel to live up to the complexity of Jordan’s iconic capital, but the Sheraton Amman Hotel does not disappoint. Jordanians and tourists alike are drawn to the city’s eye-catching white stone and not-so-subtle architecture, which is beautiful both inside and out.اضافة اعلان

The Sheraton Amman Hotel, which sits atop the Fifth Circle, is in the heart of the city’s most vital district. It is strategically located within a 25-minute drive from Queen Alia International Airport. It is also conveniently situated within the city, making it easier for visitors to reach major tourist attractions. It’s also within walking reach of most shopping malls. It is five kilometers away from The Jordan Museum, eight kilometers away from the Royal Automobile Museum, and nine kilometers away from the Amman Citadel archaeological site.

(Photos: Sheraton Hotel’s facebook account)

The hotel is 15 stories high and gives off a postmodernist air. It was built in a time when the city was experiencing an economic, cultural, and urban boom. The spike in touristic activity had significantly increased the need for new accommodation. It took three years to complete the project, with its construction commencing in November 2000. Consolidated Construction Group provided the services of concept design, architecture, structural engineering, and MEP design, among others. The hotel underwent renovations in 2012.

Sheraton Amman is as stunning throughout the day as it is at night. Sunset is perhaps the best time to enjoy the white building as it seems to glow in the fading warmth of the day. It is frequently used as a canvas for colorful light spots that adorn the building at night. 

The Sheraton prides itself on its unparalleled services, in Amman and around the world. The luxurious hotel provides spacious rooms and suites which are fitted with chic and elegant furnishings. If there is anything which exceeds its architecture, it’s its interior design. The 268 rooms and suites, all donning timeless classic decor, provide the same level of comfort.

(Photos: Sheraton Hotel’s facebook account)

Sheraton Amman offers rooms that are mini retreats, filled with sunlight and the essentials for a perfect day’s or night’s stay. It offers numerous modern services and amenities. There is a business center and a fitness center, the latter of which has two incredibly large pools for year-round indoor swimming or outdoor swimming, as well as a patio for visitors to enjoy the Jordanian sunshine and dining under the stars. Other amenities include two restaurants, an Italian eatery and two lounges, which offer gourmet multicultural cuisine. The spa and massage parlor leave customers revitalized and relaxed.

Sheraton is a constant in the life of Jordanians. They commute to work by it every day, a vibrant modern nation revolving around a center point. It’s the way the hotel capitalizes on new trends that is vital. Every meeting or conference at the Sheraton is an outstanding experience, thanks to state-of-the-art conference facilities and dedicated service.

(Photos: Sheraton Hotel’s facebook account)

The Sheraton has a personality that connects to both existing and prospective guests. Obviously, this personality is conveyed via the staff and the property itself. The balance of privacy and intimacy is combined with a local warmth that travelers won’t find at home.

Sheraton, like other hotel franchises, had an impact on the economy that went beyond job creation and tax revenue. 

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