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ARIES: This might be a good day to sign on the dotted line if your personal transits are good. It could work for beginning important new projects or a new job. Be cautious about any investments or financial arrangements that seem too good to be true.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Maintain a respectful distance from critics. Try not to imagine the worst or jump to conclusions. A healthy dose of reality could bring you down to earth but that might be the best place to show off your ingenuity and independent spirit.

GEMINI: Be generous if called upon to support your local community. Consider giving time or expertise to help others rather than merely giving cash and you might receive some favorable publicity or make some likeminded new friends.

CANCER: When you exude compassion and sympathy, your relationships can run like well-oiled machines. Even your business contacts seem to thrive because other people realize you are in it for the long haul and may offer unconditional loyalty.

LEO: Important relationships can benefit when you show off your commitment to excellence. Make and accept promises that mean something. The time could be right to launch a crucial project while you are feeling confident and optimistic.

VIRGO: A loving partner might be in the mood for romance or a friend may need a shoulder to lean on. Take a timeout from your busy life to focus on someone else needs. You may sense that something isn’t being fully revealed by associates or colleagues.

LIBRA: You shine when you are uniquely yourself. You might take someone’s generosity for granted, but you should easily be forgiven. Novel ideas and unusual subjects may grab your attention and infuse some excitement into your daily routines.

SCORPIO: You may be ready to enjoy lasting bliss. An agreement casually made today could become the turning point that allows you to achieve your most treasured ambition. Your originality and independent thinking might earn you some recognition.

SAGITTARIUS: Make the most of a favorable wind and launch creative ventures or put time into a new innovation you’ve been considering. Promises and agreements made today could unfold without a hitch and may give you peaceful or comfortable results.

CAPRICORN: The facts can become known. Be impartial and objective about ethical issues rather than sitting in judgment or making unfounded accusations. It may be a suitable time to put your finances under lock and key if you are feeling uncomfortable.

AQUARIUS: Putting the blame on someone else will inevitably backfire. Admit to any mistakes honestly. When you stay in your integrity and are accountable your life can be much more carefree. Be thoughtful and follow through on any promises you have made.

PISCES: Your connection to someone can overcome distance and time. You may take pleasure in making more money or showing your love to someone special. Whatever kindles your affections or creates joy can motivate you.

IF APRIL 6 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may receive extra attention during the next two to three weeks and can capitalize on your sterling reputation and popularity. Since your sincerity shines through, it should be a suitable time to search for a new job or pledge your heart to a committed relationship. Your energy levels should be high in June, so much can be accomplished, but close relationships may be on rocky ground. Any worthwhile relationship should not break, but if it does, you should likely have another chance at true love in September. That is a wonderful time for an idyllic vacation or a romantic weekend getaway. In October, your charisma is enhanced so impress a prospective employer or be a hit with a public presentation.

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