Violin between tradition and modernism

(Photo: Handout from Adnan Rejjal)
The modern period saw a change in terms of musical style and taste. Many musicians have experimented with unusual sounds and created music based on rhythm and tone, rather than the more standard elements of melody and harmony. The introduction of Western instruments into oriental music is not new; they gave oriental music a modern edge.اضافة اعلان

The violin as we know it now first appeared in northern Italy in the early 16th century.

Its purpose, violinist Adnan Rejjal told Jordan News, is not limited to playing classical melodies; as a solo instrument, it can deliver a complete musical performance.

(Photo: Handout from Adnan Rejjal)

Rejjal said that when the violin was used to play oriental music, the western tone was changed to fit the oriental tunes.

“Arabs have used the violin in oriental tones in a great way that represented the Arabic music,” he said.

Violin plays a significant role in a wide range of musical styles. It is commonly heard in the Western classical tradition, both as a solo instrument and in ensembles ranging from chamber music to orchestras.

“There can be no good melody without the violin,” Rejjal said, emphasizing the importance of stringed instruments in music.
I was able to change this perception by performing uplifting music on the violin, that fits different occasions and celebrations - Adnan Rejjal
The violin is mostly known to have a sad and emotional musical vibe. Since it entered modern music, however, this stereotype has been shattered, as now the violin is played at celebrations.

Rejjal said it was a challenge for him to change the idea that the violin is a classical and sad instrument; he has been doing this through his solo performances on the violin, under the name of “One Man Show”.

“I was able to change this perception by performing uplifting music on the violin, that fits different occasions and celebrations,” Rejjal said, adding that through instrumental music, “the stereotype about violin is broken and people are getting closer to the violin”.

(Photo: Handout from Adnan Rejjal)

Rejjal started working in the field of music in 2006. He lived and studied music in Damascus, Syria, but due to the conflict, he moved to Jordan in 2011.

Rejjal has played in many Western and Eastern orchestras, and participated in numerous international festivals.he has performed his one man show in many hotels and restaurants in Dubai, Syria, and Jordan. 

“I play commercial music, which is closer to people than classical music,” he said, adding that a musician performs classical or commercial music depending on “the purpose for which he wants to use his talent”.

There were challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been “one of the most difficult times for all musicians” as “music is one of the things that comes to a halt during a crisis and emergencies. It is a form of entertainment and enjoyment rather than a necessity”.

(Photo: Handout from Adnan Rejjal)

Some artists turned to performing music on social media platforms during the pandemic, but Rejjal chose to perform music live in the street of Amman.

“People’s reactions to my playing live in the streets, and their interactions, were very lovely, which gave positive vibes at the time,” Rejjal said, adding that it was a great and successful experience.

He is working on creating music for violin and hopes to be able to give unique violin performances.

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