Believe in your talent – Singer

The Jordanian singer Natalie Samaan performing in the ‘Sawt W Lawn’ musical event by Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation in 2021. (Photo: Handouts from Natalie Samaan)
AMMAN  — The talented Jordanian artist, Natalie Samaan, revealed her vocal talents at an early age. “My talent was discovered by my music teacher when I was in school, and I began singing and playing the ‘oud’ with the National Music Conservatory at the age of ten,” Samaan told Jordan News in an interview. اضافة اعلان

“My first performance on stage was at the age of 10, it was at a celebration marking the birthday of His Majesty King Abdullah II.” She added. 

Samaan said that her passion is singing, and she cannot live without it because it allows her to release both positive and negative energy, as well as express her feelings and emotions when she is happy or unhappy. “I like to sing at all times,” she said.

In addition to her passion for Egyptian artist Sherine, the singer and musician covers Arabic songs by a variety of Arab singers. Her favorite song is "Ya Rait" by Lebanese legendary singer Fairouz. Sherine's melodies that express intense emotions, are particularly enjoyable to perform, according to Samaan. “Sherine's songs express my feelings.” She said. 

Back in 2019, the artist succeeded in stealing the spotlight on the opening night of the Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts, by performing “Huna Raghadan”, with the participation of the artist Yazan Sabbagh. She has also performed outside Jordan in Bahrain, Egypt, and Oman.

This year, Samaan participated in the ‘Sawt W Lawn’ musical event organized by the Abdel Hameed Shoman Foundation. She performed songs for the Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum. She said that her experience at Sawt W Lawn was amazing, “It was a very nice experience.”

The singer said that what she felt was indescribable, adding that Umm Kulthum was one of her favorite artists. “I love Umm Kulthum's music, and it was a wonderful experience to perform her songs in front of an audience,” Samaan said.

The Jordanian singer Natalie Samaan performing in the ‘Sawt W Lawn’ musical event by Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation in 2021. (Photo: Handouts from Natalie Samaan)

The artist also recently participated in a musical play titled ‘Watan Al Shams’ with other local artists. The play was performed at the Amman Citadel.

Samaan said that singers need to get involved in social media, as it is a medium through which they can share their talent, and a new way for artists to develop and connect with the world. 

Samaan also participated with Luai Ahmaro in The Palestinian Mashup, a musical project that celebrates Palestinian heritage in a contemporary setting. On YouTube, the music video has had over ten million views.

“The Palestinian Mashup is a collection of traditional Palestinian songs performed with various instruments. I hadn’t imagined the concept, but the beauty of the songs astounded me after recording it. Traditional songs set to modern music, and it was well-loved.” Samaan said.

“My family has always been my strongest supporters, believing in me and supporting my talent since I was a child. My musical talent was passed from my mother, she loves music and singing,” she added.

Samaan said that talented people should feel truly confident, and really believe how capable they are, “The one who has talent must not hide it but must improve it, and believe in it, and the ones who seek success must follow their dream and work to reach it.” She added.

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