El Gouna Film Festival honors Jane Birkin In Its 6th edition

El Gouna Film Festival
(Photo: El Gouna Film Festival)
CAIRO — El Gouna Film Festival announced an homage to the legendary actress and singer, Jane Birkin (December 1946-July 2023), at the upcoming 6th edition to take place October 13-20, 2023. اضافة اعلان

The festival's decision to celebrate her illustrious career comes in the wake of her recent passing in France at the age of 76. This tribute aligns with the festival's philosophy of celebrating iconic talents of the past and the present.

Jane Birkin – timeless liberator
While discussing the significance of honoring distinguished figures from the field of cinema during a festival, Marianne Khoury, the artistic director of the festival, said, “In the ever-evolving landscape of cinema, it is essential to pay tribute to the trailblazers who have shaped the industry into what it is today. Jane Birkin was not only an iconic actress and singer but also a symbol of freedom and artistic innovation. Her work transcended borders and generations, making her a timeless figure in the world of art. It is our privilege to celebrate her legacy and share a part of her remarkable journey with our audience at the El Gouna Film Festival.”

Beyond her cinematic achievements, Birkin's contribution to music was equally extraordinary. Her collaboration with the legendary Serge Gainsbourg resulted in timeless classics like “Je t'aime... moi non plus”, a song that challenged societal norms and became an anthem of liberation. Her distinctive voice and poetic lyrics inspired countless musicians and listeners alike, solidifying her place in music history.

These films showcase Jane Birkin's remarkable life and career, and will be shown at the festival

BOXESJane Birkin | France | 2007 | French, English | 95 min.
In the picturesque Brittany seaside, Anna, aged 45-50, unpacks her boxes in a grand old house, seemingly alone. However, as the boxes reveal their contents, a whirlwind of ex-husbands, lovers, children, parents, and even ghosts emerge. Director Jane Birkin invites us into a captivating journey of memories and emotions.

JANE B. FOR AGNÈS V.Agnès Varda | France | 1988 | French | 99 min.
Agnès Varda's moving portrait of Jane Birkin takes viewers on a multifaceted journey through various fictions and personas. Jane Birkin, known as Jane B., embraces roles such as Jane... d'Arc, Calamity Jane, Jane from Tarzan, and Jane from Gainsbourg. This captivating exploration of identity and creativity brings Birkin's artistry to the forefront.

KUNG-FU MASTER! (LE PETIT AMOUR)Agnès Varda | France | 1988 | French, English | 80 min.
 Made concurrently with Jane B. for Agnès V (1988), this daring film by Agnès Varda and Jane Birkin (who wrote the story that provided the inspiration for the film) explores the unconventional love between a middle-aged woman, portrayed by Birkin, and a 14-year-old video game enthusiast, played by Varda's son, Mathieu Demy.

JANE BY CHARLOTTECharlotte Gainsbourg | France | 2021 | French | 90 min.
As time passes, Charlotte Gainsbourg examines her mother, Jane Birkin, in a way she never has before. Through the lens of a camera, they open up to each other, revealing their inner selves and nurturing a mother-daughter relationship that transcends the years. This heartfelt documentary is a testament to the enduring bond between two remarkable women.

As we remember Jane Birkin, we celebrate her legacy as a symbol of artistic freedom and innovation. We invite film enthusiasts and music lovers alike to join us in honoring this iconic figure at the 6th edition of the El Gouna Film Festival.

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