Celebrating local talents and cinematic creativity

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AMMAN — A collection of Jordanian short films will be screened for two days in a row at Rainbow Theater, on Tuesday and on Wednesday, in an event organized by the Royal Film Commission.اضافة اعلان

The eight selected films, which were produced between 2020 and 2021, highlight topics related to human struggle, war, family life, teenage, domestic violence and social behavior.

The power of short films

When the art of cinema began, the films lasted only a few seconds, and then increased to a few minutes, primarily due to the high price of photographic materials. This presented filmmakers with the challenge of presenting an idea in very limited time.

As the years passed, some of the adventurous directors began to produce more lengthy films, against the will of production companies that feared loss, and after the success of the long films, the short films declined, but still had the same magical ability to present a story in a few minutes.

And so, the short film is not just a long film that’s being cut down to the last bit in time, but has its own aesthetic and the ability to provide a glimpse into the lives of the main characters at a very complex moment for them.

Three animation films

Aya Radi, in “Falling in the Summit”, explores the youths’ desire to be independent and find their way, away from family, in an attempt to find themselves.

The film was screened at Amman International Film Festival–Awal Film in its second edition, Ismailia International Film Festival, Happy Future Scripts Film Festival, and other festivals.

 “Night” (Photo: Handount from the Royal Film Commission)

 “Night”, by Amad Saleh, which took four years to make, is based on the true story of bereaved mothers who lost a child because of the war.

The film had its World Premiere at Locarno Film Festival. It won Best Animation at Karama Human Rights Film Festival, the Special Jury Award at Torino Film Festival, Special Mention at Palestine Cinema Days and the Bronze Brick Award at Animax Skopje Fest.

“Geisha L.O.V.E.”(Photo: Handount from the Royal Film Commission)

Mike V. Derderian animated his film, “Geisha L.O.V.E.”, with robots and rich graffiti tenants on a rescue mission to claim the city. Time is in the future, but rich in artistic creative vision to deal with political upheavals and economic unrest.

The film screened at Amman International Film Festival–Awal Film in its second edition, as well as London Short Film Festival 2022.

‘Truce’ by Saleh Alkhataybeh

‘Truce’ (Photo: Handount from the Royal Film Commission)

This narrative film tells the story of two men’s fight in the middle of the Jordanian desert, who later realize it is pointless to fight while struggling to survive.

“Truce” won several awards, such as Best Short Film at Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, and Sun Golden Olive Best Short Film at Jerusalem International Film Festival.

It also won the Best Short Fiction Film at International Moving Film Festival, Best Thriller Short at Vesuvius International Monthly Film Festival, Best First Time Director and Best Foreign-Language Film of the Month at the Independent Shorts Awards in Los Angeles, and many other awards.

Tala’vision’ by Murad Abu Eisheh

‘Tala’vision’ (Photo: Handount from the Royal Film Commission)

This film was shortlisted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (The Oscars), one of 15 films, in its Live Action Short Film Category.

Tala, 8 years old, tries to find solace and freedom in a television while trapped in war. However, the secret TV becomes a matter of life and death.

‘Why’ by Mohammad Rahahleh

This short film brings the street sweepers struggle into action, a beautiful human interaction between disabled characters, to portrait the power of giving.

The film won Best Foreign Short Film Award at the 9th Long Beach International Film Festival and Best Sound Award at the 32nd Voiron International Film Festival.

‘Huda’ by May Al-Ghouti

 ‘Huda’(Photo: Handount from the Royal Film Commission)

Within 12 minutes, this movie tells of the suffering of Huda, who proceeds with marrying despite experiencing violence from her fiancé.

The sister who notices marks on the bride’s body tries to call it off, but Huda insists to go with things as planned.

The unspoken pain and struggle women go through daily, and domestic violence are the themes of the film in which the character fears being abandoned, and which talks about social standards and views.

It sheds light on women’s silence and attempts to motivate them to face their destiny by not shying away from seeking the help of society and parents.

Huda, won the Black Iris Award for Best Arab Short Film at Amman International Film Festival–Awal Film in its first edition.

‘Arnoos’, by Samer Z.M. Battikhi

‘Arnoos’ (Photo: Handount from the Royal Film Commission)

A teenage adventure to surprise and impress Sami’s girlfriend; Sami and Mahmoud plan to rob a lingerie shop, but things do not go as planned and twists will be waiting for them.

The film competed at El Gouna Film Festival and Carthage Film Festival in 2021.

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